Cool Math games, ranked

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Cool Math games, ranked

photo via Polygon

photo via Polygon

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photo via Polygon

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Cool Math has helped me make it through the school day since fourth grade. There are endless games to choose from, from high speed races to fitting into the smallest parking spaces. With all of these options to choose from, a definitive ranking is necessary for anyone looking to escape from class. This list showcases the best Cool Math has to offer.


5. 60 Second Burger Run


Repetition, speed and dedication are required to truly master 60 Second Burger Run. It only consists of a single level but is among the hardest games on the website. 


60 Second Burger Run is a perfect example of simple being better. You play as a man trying to maneuver through obstacles to a burger shop before it closes in 60 seconds.


Although the game is so difficult, it never disengages players, as the constant need to beat the clock drives them forward. All of these elements come together to create the near-masterpiece that is 60 Second Burger Run.


4. Archery World Tour


Archery World Tour utilizes addicting gameplay and endless levels to make it the most replayable game on Cool Math. It has a 50-level “standard mode” and an equally engaging “survival” mode. 


The objective is simple: shoot the bullseye and gain “stars.” However, as the level increases, the game becomes more complex as the wind and distance intensify.


Real mastery of Archery World Tour is almost impossible to achieve, as a perfect three stars on every level takes hours upon hours of dedication. This enticing difficulty, along with fun and endless gameplay, makes Archery World Tour a necessary experience. 


3. Run 1 and 2


Run was the game that made me an avid Cool Math player. Although it came out more than half a decade ago, it still holds up as one of the best. 


Taking place in outer space, Run challenges you to jump to the finish line without falling through the holes and into the dark abyss of the universe. The levels increase in difficulty so slowly that players hardly ever feel frustration take over.


Run 2, an amazing addition to Run, expands on its greatness while adding new features. These games combined create an unforgettable and entertaining experience that can be enjoyed by almost anyone.


2. Parking Fury


Parking Fury is another classic game that stands the test of time. Contrary to games like 60 Second Burger Run, it encourages slow movement for the most precise parking jobs. 


With many paths to choose from, Parking Fury offers an abundance of ways to complete every level. From speeding through open lanes to slowly maneuvering around other cars, the game truly offers something for all types.


Finally, all three Parking Fury games live up to and go beyond the standard the original set. The hours of enjoyment they provide are well worth the time. 


1. MotoX


MotoX has everything you could ask for in a game: engaging gameplay, plenty of levels and cool customization. Also, the concept of doing unbelievable tricks on motorbikes is captivating in itself.


There are three MotoX games, each an improvement over the previous installment. MotoX Christmas even allows you to ride as Santa on a motorbike!


The game combines fun mechanics with levels that are genuinely difficult to master, as achieving three stars is no easy task. Overall, MotoX perfectly blends other games’ strongest attributes, making it the best game on Cool Math.