Weekly Horoscope: Which Visor Staff Member are You?

Aries- Justin Icsman

Aries, your my “way or the highway” mentality lines up perfectly with our very own Justin Icsman. Your perseverance and strong-will allows you to accomplish anything you set your mind to and everyone takes note of your extreme hard work. If someone messes up then you’re going to let them know it, not in a rude way, but more like an older sibling. On a serious note, life would be much more hectic without you, Aries, and you deserve a break.

Taurus- Sam Cherveny

While stubbornness and pride are qualities you and Sam both share, dear Taurus, you both bring incredible dedication and hard work to everything you do, making it almost impossible to handle tasks without your drive. With your creative ideas and intelligent mind, your team or club would surely fall apart without you (thanks for keeping Visor together, Sam). Keep dreaming big and working hard Taurus, it’ll pay off!

Gemini- Brandon Bishop

Visor’s very own Brandon Bishop exemplifies wit, cleverness and enthusiasm, just like you, Gemini! Like Brandon, you bounce around from activity to activity, spreading joy to others while showcasing your extreme skill set. As a Gemini, you do love your gossip and drama, so take a tip from our co-features editor and join the Drama Club! 2018 WILL be your year, so bottle up that determination and go conquer the world.

Cancer- Eva Klockner

The Visor’s Eva Klockner, A.K.A. God’s gift to humanity, A.A.K.A The Visor’s Moral Compass, is bubbly, genuine and honest. You too, Cancer, are a glowing ray of sunshine that blesses our school with kindness and a certain glory that only the most holy contain. You may be on the quieter side, but a soft hush falls over the room when you speak. Do all of Hoban a favor and continue doing you.

Leo- John Lauterjung

Quiet, dull and gloomy are all words that no one would ever use to describe Visor Staff Reporter John Lauterjung, or you, Leo! Your contagious personality brightens the lives of Hoban students and staff members daily. What you may lack in skill, you make up for in passion and likeability. You have a certain quality that allows you to walk past Mrs. Hahn in an out of dress code quarter zip without getting sniped. Honestly Leo, you’re basically the Ferris Bueller of the 21st century and it’s inspiring.

Virgo- Athena Markowski

Like all perfectionists, you and Athena share a methodical and organized approach to all things. Many people come to you for advice, as your “mom” friend status is second only to momma Libra. You’re always willing to lend a helping hand and make the Hoban halls shine a little brighter. But, while your hard working nature can lead you to success, you worry way too much for your own good. Take some advice from our trusty opinion editor and make 2018 as stress free as possible— you deserve it, Virgo!

Libra- Julia Susany

As the designated mother hen of The Visor, our editor-in-chief handles all of our daily drama and is constantly trying to keep her ‘kids’ in line. Like Julia, you find yourself voicing your opinions passionately, leading others towards greatness and often being a voice of reason. You bring peace and harmony to those around you, just as Julia balances and calms all the personalities on our staff. In other words, thanks mom, love ya!!

Scorpio- Haley Burns

Ah Scorpio, you are so fiercely independent that people often question where you are, some may even refer to you as a phantom. Just like Haley Burns, you are not only an independent worker, but also an independent thinker. A red hat paired with a yellow rain slicker? Who thinks of that? You did Scorpio, you did (And TBH, you rocked it). You know your strengths and stay in your lane and honestly Scorpio, we respect you for it.

Sagittarius-Lily Zaucha

Co-features editor Lily Zaucha represents the adventurous spirit in all of us. As a Sag, you and Lily share a love for knowledge and wonder about the world around you. New discoveries and amiable humor make your heart sing, and like Lily, your carefree nature and happy-go-lucky personality will get you places kiddo. Make 2018 a year of adventure— don’t forget to take pictures and wear cool socks!

Capricorn- Jared Armsey

Infamous Youtube sensation and our very own webmaster, Jared Armsey portrays practicality and patience. You’re both all about chasing your dreams and completing whatever means to achieve them, whilst maintaining the discipline and strength to carry through. Keep up that ambitious spirit, Capricorn, and one day you just may be as successful as Jared!

Aquarius-Shamael Muhammad  

Oh Aquarius, you lucky dog. Only the best of the best can be in the ranks with the Visor’s Shamael, A.K.A. the editing queen. Imaginative, curious and yet not afraid to put people in their place, you and our managing editor could lowkey take over the world and everyone would be 100% down with it. Armed with powerful diction and mad writing skills, Shamael utilizes her strengths to lead Visor, while yours are used just as meaningfully in your own life. Keep showing up in your iconic striped polos (or other bold fashion statement) and get ready for world domination.

Pisces- Nick Griffith

Although many may not know this, you live for the juicy gossip, just like our very own Nick Griffith. Your quirky personality allows you to be generally well-liked by others and your cool disposition makes everyone want to be your friend. You’re also the kind of goody-two-shoes who will do anything to avoid personal embarrassment or conflict, dear Pisces, but that doesn’t stop you from having a good time. Check yoself.