A look back at Hoban’s undefeated seasons

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A look back at Hoban’s undefeated seasons

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Hoban’s varsity football team has finally pulled off an undefeated regular season- NDCL fell to the Knights 31-0, securing a perfect 10-0 record. As pundits have proclaimed, this flawless season was written in the stars from game one. In celebration, let’s take a look back at the previous Hoban teams that went undefeated.

[The following mentions only take into consideration regular season records.]


Boys Basketball
1999 (20-0)

In 1999, the Hoban’s Boys Basketball team followed up a 1998 Final Four run with a perfect season and AP Poll championship. Even though this team had been dominant in the regular season, they fell short in the postseason with a heartbreaking 42-44 districts loss to Triway.


Girls Golf
2006 (16-0), 2015 (15-0)

Girls golf fought their way to two undefeated seasons in both 2006 and 2015. In 2006, they took first in their division as well as in post-season tournaments, and for the first time in Hoban’s history, did not lose a single match. Almost a decade later, the Lady Knights pulled off another flawless season and brought Hoban another Girls Golf championship.


1987 (34-0), 1991 (33-0), 2007 (14-0), 2008 (15-0)

The softball team boasts four perfect seasons, two of which saw the highest amount of consecutive wins in Hoban’s entire athletic history- an outstanding 34-0 record in 1987, and a 33-0 record four years later. More recently, the softball team pulled off two more undefeated seasons back-to-back in 2007 and 2008. While they had a perfect regular season record, the team fell to Hudson in their second district showcase event of 2007, and, in 2008, suffered the same fate to Canfield in districts.


1968 (9-0), 1971 (10-0)

In 1968, the Knights pinned every team in their path to make history, clinching a win in every dual meet. Three years later, they pulled it off again and brought Hoban their third Greater Akron championship in four years.


Track and Field
Boys 1970 (9-0), 2002 (6-0), 2017 (7-0), 2018 (6-0)
Girls 1995 (10-0), 2000 (10-0), 2008 (9-0), 2009 (11-0), 2018 (8-0)

Hoban’s Track and Field team holds the record for most undefeated seasons with a total of nine perfect runs, no pun intended. These teams have been taking Northeast Ohio by storm for the majority of the 2000s, seemingly predestined for success with all the talented athletes surrounding the program.


Boys Swim
2010 (8-0), 2017 (6-0), 2018 (10-0)

The swim team has been making a huge splash, finishing three seasons with perfect records since 2010. The most recent undefeated season was just last year- a stunning 10-0 run that blew all other teams out of the water.


Boys 1997 (26-0)
Girls 1977 (12-0)

Both teams lit up the court during their undefeated seasons. In 1977, the girls fought their way to district runners-up, falling only to St. Vincent St. Mary. Despite battling a tough schedule, the boys achieved not only a winning regular season, but a flawless playoff run. They went on to play in the Springfield Holland Tournament, unsurprisingly clinching the top spot.


Girls Cross Country:
1989 (8-0), 1991 (11-0)

The girls went the extra mile in 1989 and 1991, winning every single dual meet they competed in. In 1989, they qualified for the state meet and went 6-3; then, in 1991, the team swept the North East Ohio Catholic Conference, proving once again the undoubtable prowess of Hoban runners.