A sacrifice worth making


Victoria Jackson, Staff Reporter

Ahh Mum Day, the best day of the school year.


Whether it’s the idea of not having to verbally interact with anyone for a glorious six hours, screaming your lungs out in a dimly-lit gym without being judged or supporting your favorite high school football team, everyone can agree that Mum Day is one of those days that you just can’t miss. 


Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, sophomores and juniors will be missing this iconic day.


If you weren’t already aware of the Mum Day or even the Spirit Week situation before (I truly wasn’t until Sept. 15), there’s a few items I need to fill you in on.


  • The game against St. Vincent-St. Mary High School is on the same day as Mum Day, which as usual is a Friday, Sept. 25. (Go Knights!)
  • We will have Spirit Week and daily themes, though because of the A-K and L-Z split, some students will participate in themes that others will not.
  • Student Council will be planning “poster parties” and I have to say, using my terrific art skills (don’t quote me on that) will be quite entertaining.
  • Sophomores and juniors are going to be given “spirit bags” to encourage us to virtually participate on Mum Day. (I’m kind of hoping for a party hat I can wear all day. Who doesn’t like a hat, right?)
  • The rally is going to be live-streamed, but since I’ll have my dad and my brothers online teaching/learning with me, screaming my lungs out will not be an option. Internal screaming will be, however.


I understand that remote learners are disappointed. To be completely honest, I am heartbroken and crying as well. 


But I can find solace in the fact that the seniors will enjoy their last Mum Day and that the freshman will experience their first. And watching the rally online may feel strange, but if it’s all I have then I am thankful I have it. 


Honestly, with everything going on, I am tempted to whine like a 6-year-old (I have the height going for me already), but all jokes aside, I think the best I can do is stay positive and find gratitude, like poster parties, spirit bags, themed spirit days and our amazing football team (you’ve got this, guys!)  


So scream your lungs out as you cheer for the Knights (as long as you don’t get in trouble), put on your party hats and blow up a balloon or two. And let’s make this Mum Day the best virtual Mum Day the world has ever seen. Love you all, Go Knights!