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A True Knight: The Legacy of Ralph Orsini

 Word has spread rapidly throughout The Castle that the end of this year brings the retirement of one beloved coach and educator, Ralph Orsini. A legacy built over the course of 32 years will soon live on in Hoban History.

After graduating from Youngstown State University, Orsini began his teaching career by going through two high schools before reaching Hoban. He came in the summer of 1992 to begin preparations for the upcoming football season.

“I fell in love with the family atmosphere,” Orsini commented, “I told my wife almost immediately that I wanted our kids to go to Hoban.”

Orsini saw his own Catholic high school reflected in The Castle. He loved the push for excellence and the Holy Cross Foundation so much that he chose to stay for the remainder of his career.

While at Hoban, Orsini was known to teach students both in the classroom and on the football field. He coached throughout the entirety of his time here, even taking on the position of head coach from 1995-2012. He viewed football practice as another opportunity to instill lessons in his players that he hoped would last a lifetime.

He believes that many, if not all Hoban coaches share a similar philosophy, “If you are going to be a good coach, you had better be a good teacher,” Orsini stated.

His proudest accomplishment at The Castle is this very program which he contributed to for so long. The reputation the Knights have earned in football brings him so much pride and joy. Helping to build an honest, hardworking culture for every future team to embody is something that he will never forget.

If Orsini has learned anything, it is that no matter how much time passes, kids will always have a drive to excel. From one of the first classes he coached at Hoban, which included President Chris DiMauro, he saw the dedication students had, and that dedication has never faded out.

“Everybody thinks that kids are different now than they were back then, and they are slightly, but not as much as most people think,” Orsini commented.

Although Orsini is known for his history classes, he has taught a multitude of courses over the years. From Sports History and Western Civilizations to Marriage and Family and World Religion, Orsini’s teaching talents are diverse, to say the least.

Orsini looks back fondly on all his colleagues both past and present. He recalls the outstanding people he has worked alongside as having different strengths and weaknesses, but one common goal: leave an impact on the students. The hope has always been to do more than teach a subject but to shape the people they would grow up to be.

“If you don’t enjoy coming to work here, you probably don’t enjoy working in general,” Orsini says.

It is hard to name someone who truly has blue and gold running through their veins more than Orsini. He raves about the Holy Cross values that encourage teachers to stay. He takes great pride in all that the school stands for, and he could not be happier to have been a part of it.

His one piece of advice for the Knights is to not take anything for granted. Archbishop Hoban is a fantastic place full of culture and opportunity. Every student who passes through these hallowed halls is luckier than most. He hopes that they can work hard no matter what and cherish every moment.

Orsini hopes to be remembered as a model representation of Hoban’s core values. Everything he says is genuinely and honestly what he believes. He provides a helping hand to everyone he can, and he tries to be someone that others can trust. Orsini holds excellent value in integrity, and he hopes that his legacy reflects that.

Mr. Ralph Orsini has given so much to Hoban in every aspect. He has built upon the culture and principles that he cherishes so dearly. Whether it be on Dowed Field or within his classroom walls, his contributions to The Castle will be far from forgotten. Thank you, Coach O., and congratulations on everything you have accomplished!


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