BVB: the place to be


Leo Bates, Staff-Writer

With such a wide variety of Hoban spring sports, many lowerclassmen boys have a hard time deciding which one to choose. There are many factors in deciding such as the harshness of cuts, the amount of time it takes up, and the team environment. However, I believe there is a sport that perfectly balances all of these factors: boys volleyball.


Volleyball is a team sport wherein everyone must play their part well and trust everyone else to do the same, additionally, even new players can discover their place in the line-up. Coached by Jeremy Leyden and Chad Kelly, the season lasts from late February to mid-May, and there are two-hour practices six days a week. Although the schedule is nothing special, cuts are practically non-existent, and the team is one of the most welcoming communities at Hoban. 


The season usually begins with how to move on the court and where to position yourself.  Once the season goes into full swing, the entire team becomes extremely seamless as all the members learn to move in tandem with their peers on the court. The team chemistry is the main reason I believe most students would enjoy boys volleyball; the on-court synergy makes for a truly exhilarating experience that requires every single player to participate and better the game. 


Many people have trouble picking up new sports, and volleyball is often hit or miss in that way. It would be dismissive to say that it is an easy sport to learn, yet the struggle to become better is what drives the game. The program necessitates new, unique players to keep bettering itself, so any player who joins will be found a position to excel. 


The scheduling works decently well in keeping a healthy balance between sports, school, and friends. Practices take place from 5:30 P.M. to 7:30 P.M. on weekdays and 10 A.M. to noon on weekends. Games normally last a bit longer, yet they only occur once or twice a week. The coaches are usually very forgiving to members who suffer from scheduling conflicts, so most issues can be sorted out if they arise. 


Ultimately, boys volleyball is your best option for team chemistry, and athletic development, all while preserving your schedule and bettering yourself in the process. To express interest in joining, contact head coach Jeremy Leyden at [email protected].