CIA: A safe space for all knights


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The flag that not only represents peace but also love for students of all backgrounds.

Hannah Bulgrin, Co-Editor-In-Chief

Archbishop Hoban High School prides themselves on being a safe place for all of its students no matter what background or identity they may come from. The Committed to Inclusivity Alliance club (CIA), headed by Desiree Moyer, is just one of many ways our school shows its dedication to diversity and acceptance.

The group’s focus is providing support, not only to members of LGBTQIA+, but anyone at Hoban who is in need of a safe space.

Because of the novelty of the club, a current goal is building a base of return members. Co-President Evan Ray states, “right now we are mainly focused on making sure that everyone who needs it feels accepted at our school”

The alliance has made great strides already. A typical meeting for the CIA starts with an engaging icebreaker followed by a check-in with all members to make sure they are in the best possible position mentally. From there, the club gathers together and enjoys viewing inclusive media like “Heartstopper” that features diverse representation.

Although the club’s main focus is comforting students, Ray shares that his hope for the future of the club includes educating faculty and staff on how to respect and interact with students of all identities.

Ray shares his belief that, “every student has the right to feel accepted and supported no matter how they live their lives.” A sentiment that should be remembered and reflected on throughout the new year.

The club meets during Enrichment B on select days and would love to have new members no matter your background. So if you find yourself interested, be sure to stop by and get a feel for what the club is like!