Cleveland Browns week three preview

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Ahhhh, sweet victory. The Cleveland Browns emerged from their week two game with a win, bringing their record to an even (1-1) on the year. Despite the fact that the Bengals rookie quarterback Joe Burrow put up a good fight, they were no match for Cleveland’s offensive onslaught. 

The Browns had many high points last week that they can bring into their week three matchup against the recently nameless Washington Football Team. First, the running back tandem of Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt tore apart the Cincinnati defense. Chubb and Hunt ran for 124 and 86 yards respectively while also combining for four touchdowns. Further, Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield had a phenomenal game. Mayfield passed for 219 yards and threw two touchdown passes. Even though Mayfield threw an interception, the prime-time performance redeemed the young quarterback…at least this week. 

Looking forward to their game this week against the poorly named Washington Football Team, the Browns have a realistic opportunity to boast a winning record for the first time since 2014. Here are the Browns’ three keys to victory:

1. Hold the line

During the Browns’ week two game against the Bengals, fans witnessed something that was long thought impossible for the Cleveland sports team: a no sack game. You heard that right, the Cleveland Browns offensive line did not allow a single sack on Baker Mayfield. Let that sink in. It seems strange, right? Regardless of how surprising it is, the Browns’ offensive line must keep the momentum going against a talented Washington defensive front this week. Washington rookie and former Ohio State star Chase Young will be sure to cause a stir in the Cleveland backfield.

2. Comeback week for the defense

At best, the Browns defense has played pitifully this year. In their first game against the Baltimore Ravens, they gave up 38 points; and in their week two matchup they gave up another 30. The Browns offense does not have enough firepower to consistently overcome these large deficits. However, the Browns’ defensive woes may come to an end this week. The injury-ridden defense will regain linebacker Mack Wilson and Jacob Phillips,while defensive backs Kevin Johnson and Greedy Williams also return to the active roster. With a healthy defense, the Browns should be able to put a stop to Washington’s offense.

3. Keep Chubb and Hunt Rolling

After week two, there is no objection that the Browns tout the best running tandem in the NFL. Last week, Nick Chubb displayed yet again that he is the “real deal” and demands respect. Kareem Hunt, another agile presence in the backfield, was a viable option on passing downs, catching the ball for 89 yards and scoring a touchdown from the air. The Browns need to continue to wear down opponents’ defenses with their running backs to find consistent offensive results.