Enneagram tests: One number tells all

photo via Genius Lyrics

photo via Genius Lyrics

The Enneagram, a tool that has been around for ages, is making a comeback. 


Enneagram, stemming from the Greek words ennea (meaning “nine”) and grammos, (“a written symbol”), is a nine-pointed circular symbol that sorts people into nine distinct personality types. Used by psychologists for years, it is now reaching the general public. 


The Enneagram gained most of its popularity from Enneagram personality tests on the internet. Hundreds of these personality tests float online and anyone can take them. The multiple choice test asks a series of personality questions. The test taker chooses the option that fits them best. After about 35 questions, depending on the test, the test taker is given a “number” between one and nine. Each number represents a character type.


Number one is “the reformer.” Often leaders because of their rational thinking, 1’s are grounded and perfectionists. 


Number two is “the helper.” 2’s are caring, generous and said to be people-pleasers.


Number three is “the achiever.” 3’s are driven to excel. They are success-oriented and constantly show immense effort. 


Number four is “the individualist.” 4’s are the withdrawn and sensitive type. They are often the quiet ones in situations. 


Number five is “the investigator.” 5’s have a quiet but watchful presence. They are perceptive and sensible.


Number six is “the loyalist.” 6’s are engaging and responsible. They commit fully to everything they do. 


Number seven is “the enthusiast.” 7’s are fun-loving, spontaneous people and they love to keep themselves busy.


Number eight is “the challenger.” 8’s are powerful and show a lot of self-confidence. They are willful and confrontational. 


Number nine is “the peacemaker.” 9’s are easy-going and receptive. They are extremely agreeable and rarely argue. 


Every test-taker is sorted into one of these nine categories. 


Enneagram also became more popular this summer when the artist Sleeping at Last released the album “Atlas: Enneagram.” Nine songs grace the album, one for each personality type. Each song defines the personality types of 1-9. Extremely moving and motivational, the songs bring many to tears. 


The album prompted many to the Enneagram test, tweeting results about “their song.” Seeing numerous reactions all over social media, I plunged in and took the test.


My Enneagram Experience


It was a regular summer day. I was sitting at home scrolling through social media when I saw a video talking about Enneagram tests. Curious about it, I did more research. Finding the album “Atlas: Enneagram” that everyone was talking about, I became intrigued. I looked up a free enneagram test and spent about 15 minutes taking it. 


At the end, it told me I was a number three. Still not knowing much about enneagram, I rolled with it and looked up “my song”. Little did I know, this song would have a huge impact on me. 


I sat in my living room listening to “Three” and my eyes instantly filled with tears. The song was talking to me. It seemed every insecurity, every doubt, every thought I possessed was woven into it. It took my breath away. 


For anyone else, “Three” would merely be a good song, but for me it was so much more. I connected to it. I related to it. I had never heard something so accurate in my life. 


It was motivational and emotional. Who knew four minutes could move a person so much? Who knew the power one song holds?


“Three” not only talked about doubts, but it also calmed my fears.  “I’ve done enough,” a message I needed to hear, a message I’m sure a lot of people need to hear. 


I encourage everyone to set aside 20 minutes and take a free enneagram test (https://www.truity.com/test/enneagram-personality-test) then listen to your song. They have a strange way of affecting people.