Guys vs. Girls Sweethearts Pro Tips


  • Guys, do not take your tie off mid-dance and wear it like a bandana. You are at a formal dance, not Vietnam.
  • Fellas, if you start sweating profusely, drink water. Nobody should leave the dance early, especially not in an ambulance.
  • Boys (and girls), be there on time. Arriving late does not look fashionable, just suspicious.
  • Guys, do not overeat before arriving at the dance. I am pretty sure this goes without saying, but nobody wants their special outfit ruined with someone else’s dinner.


  • Ladies— be confident. Ask that guy. Or not. You deserve to have the perfect night with your man, or your besties. The world is yours…
  • Girls, do not forget to take off your shoes at the dance. Although your look is perfect, no one wants a stiletto to the foot while trying to Cha-Cha Slide
  • Females! Get whatever you want at dinner… you’re going to sweat it off anyway. Despite the temperature outside being -3 degrees, the gym will be hotter than the burning gates of hell.
  • WOMEN. No need to stress about this dance. From dinner reservations to dress color, it will all work out. Sweethearts is just a fun mid-year event, purely for enjoyment. Good time not a long time, some would say.