Has Puss in Boots reached his last life?


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Puss in Boots movie poster.

Natalie Morton, Staff Reporter

After ten years, Dreamworks has a new story to tell of the legendary Puss in Boots. Back in 2011, the company released one of the first spinoffs for the Shrek saga, giving the popular cat his own adventure. Since then, he has received his own Netflix series and specials but is now returning to the big screen for a brand-new adventure.


While the movie releases on Dec. 21, I was able to secure middle-section tickets to an early access screening of it back in November, so I’m here to grant the Visor’s audience an advanced review of “Puss in Boots: The Last Wish.”


This sequel comes far, far after the original, and brings the audience into an exciting tale. It throws the viewers right into action with Puss in Boots battling a ferocious monster. Although he succeeds, the courageous cat ends up dying at the hands of a large bell. It’s revealed that he only has one remaining life, having wasted others on deaths that could have easily been avoided, so he sets off into retirement. However, during his withdrawal from combat, he learns of a map that leads to the Wishing Star; a magical object that can grant any wish desired. 


Puss, along with his new companion, Perrito, and his old friend Kitty Softpaws, travel out to the dark forest to follow the path to the wishing star so he can claim the wish that will give him his nine lives back. Along the way, however, they face numerous rivals that have also ventured out towards the star because it can’t be that easy in an action movie. Will they be able to achieve the wishing star? I mean, I already know, but do you? I’m not willing to spoil a movie that isn’t out.


Personally, I really enjoyed this film. Then again, I enjoy a lot of animated features, but this one stands out from the rest. The eye-catching animation kept me amazed throughout the movie and it helped make certain scenes stand out. Along with it, I found the plot very intriguing and was left on the edge of my seat guessing what would happen to the beloved character. 


No spoilers, but there was one scene I was surprised to see in a children’s film. Through sounds and visuals, it allowed viewers to connect with how Puss was feeling, and it tugged on a lot of heartstrings. 


However, even with its glory moments, it also has a few faults. To me, in the climax, I felt that Dreamworks was in a rush tying all the plot together. While it was rapid, it did lead up to a heartfelt ending worthy of any Puss in Boots fan. 


Overall, it was a fantastic movie worth the ten-year hiatus. While many may be avid sequel haters, this continuation was stunning and definitely worth the watch. If you have time over the snowy Christmas break, I highly recommend you see this remarkable film.