How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day when Single

1. Galentine’s Day

“Galentine’s Day” is the new spin on Valentine’s Day. A day to spend celebrating the love between you and your best gals or pals, instead of obsessing over one sole person. This day is just as full of love as a normal Feb. 14, but you have even more people to cherish. Squad dinners or brunches are just as fun as romantic dates, and plus you most likely will not have to stress over the perfect outfit or running to Target to buy your Valentine an over-sized teddy bear. A night on the town to admire your bestest friends and the love you share is the perfect fix for any stress/ anxiety you’ve accumulated, so destress and have fun!

2. Pretend it’s not a thing

February 14. Just another Wednesday. Nothing special about this day. You’re officially halfway through February. Why should this day be so special? You’ll just follow your typical routine like any ordinary day. Wake up. Go to school. Attend your afterschool activities. Then, you’ll go home and finish your homework until it’s time to sleep. Feb. 14th is not Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve or New Years Day.  Although, Ash Wednesday will occur on Feb. 14 this year. Other than the ashes on your forehead, there’s nothing different about this day than the day before. Celebrate the normality of this day, not the cliché love-fest surrounding it.

3. Cry

Let’s not beat around the bush. Whether you’ve just had your heart broken in two or have been living the single life for a while, a good cry always makes you feel better. Releasing all those built up frustrations and pent up sadness will allow you to begin again on Feb. 15. So turn on a Nicholas Sparks movie, grab some chocolate (definitely not the heart-shaped kind) and just cry. But whatever you do, do not, I repeat, DO NOT log onto Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Seeing couples on their over-excessive, lovey-dovey dates will not only make you bawl, but you could also miss Noah’s big speech at the end of The Notebook, and nothing is worth that.

4. Celebrate with family

No one truly loves you quite like your family does. Have any of your former significant others tended to all of your needs since birth? Most likely not. The most genuine form of love cannot be found in a high school relationship. Although you may not always like to spend time with them, your family serves as the primary source of emotional and physical support throughout life. Why not commemorate this occasion with family?

5. Relax

With all the great things you’ve undoubtedly been accomplishing lately, why not treat February 14 as a spa day? Gather your favorite face masks, soaps, essential oils, hair treatments and candles and treat yourself. Play some smooth acoustic, turn the lights down low and bask in the scent of coconut oil and a vanilla-infused candle. Leave your phone in the other room or binge watch your favorite show on Netflix as you enjoy the greatest bubble bath of all time. You deserve a break, so make this Valentine’s Day a day full of self-love and care.

6. Embrace your independence

Face it— you’re a single, liberated woman/man. You have friends and a family who enjoy spending time with you. Your schedule is already packed with a plethora of activities. You have GOALS. The last thing you need is another distraction. Permanent companionship with one special person seems like something to tackle in the future. But now, you’re not tied down to one person. You’re free to explore. Functioning is more-than-possible without a significant other. So what’s the point of obsessing over securing a boy/girlfriend? You have your mind set on bigger and better. Seize those goals before stressing about walking down the aisle.