Legal Ways To Spice Up Your Hoban Uniform

Bored of the plain old khaki and polo combo? Here’s some tips and tricks to accessorizing your uniform.


Here at the Visor, we like to keep things stylish. Unfortunately, with the strong enforcement of Hoban’s dress code, slaying the hallways can be quite difficult. Gone are the days of cute cardigans, rainbow colored hair and (dare I say) patch pocket pants. If you have been feeling uninspired by these new restrictions, (or are just upset you can not wear Crocs to school) you have come to the right place! Here’s our list of the top five dress code appropriate ways to spice up the good ol’ Hoban polo.


  1. Shoes

A classic boot, the latest Lebron’s, ballet flats, Chuck Taylor’s….the list is endless! Shoes not only enhance the boring American Eagle school pants, but allow you to display your own personal style. While backless shoes are outlawed, that still leaves many possibilities for fashion-forward footwear including Converse, Sperrys, All-Stars and everyone’s favorite, Birks!

      2.  Jewelry

Delicate rings, necklaces and bracelets have been all the rage, so try adding a few pieces to make your uniform sparkle. The three earring per ear rule still applies to ladies, so go on and get that cartilage piercing, girl! Boys, unfortunately, are banned from any type of earring—but don’t be scared, guys, a few bracelets or a chain won’t kill you!

      3.  Socks

Ahh, socks. A timeless piece, capable of portraying one’s personality in a single pattern. Whether it be avocados, palm trees or puppies, the pattern of your sock says alot about a person’s character. If you’re afraid vegetables or plants may be too much for you, start with a bright color, then build up. You could even take a tip from the Visor’s editor-in-chief, Sam Cherveny, and wear a famous quote on your feet!

      4.  Hair Accessories

I know what you’re all thinking and no, you cannot wear a hat to school (including beanies and snapbacks). Headbands, bows and scrunchies, however, are still very much acceptable and very much on-trend. By adding a simple ribbon (my personal favorite) to your hair, you make it seem as if you actually tried that morning (even if you did not).

       5.  Mustaches

Guys—this one’s for you. While I am not entirely recommending that every male at Hoban grow a stache, it does allow those who love their facial hair a small compromise from a full-on beard. So go on, grow out that Anchorman mustache and live your life without the threat of a one-blade razor.