Mullins duo captures student council election

On Oct. 16, 2000, twin girls came into the world, born just 30 seconds apart. Growing up, the sisters quickly turned to best friends and did everything together. Little did Corrina and Kayla Mullins know, one day they would become the President and Vice President of Hoban’s Student Council and lead their school together, just like everything else.

    “I was heavily involved with student council at my grade school and Kayla and I had talked about being a part of StuCo before but had never really done anything,” Corrie said on their inspiration to run. “We just decided now was our time to try and do something,” Kayla added.

    The twins, hailing from Redeemer Christian School, faced tough competition with two other tickets, Sadie Salamone and Nora Kennedy and Abby Griffith and Jacob Biscan. All six candidates proved themselves worthy of the nomination, reciting inspirational and thought-provoking speeches to the entire student body. The twins spoke of the Hoban family, our immense spirit and, of course, each other.

    “We went into the speech knowing that this was something that we were doing for fun and for us, so we weren’t very nervous, which made the speech itself so much more fun,” Corrie stated.

    “Honestly, I was really surprised by the reaction people had,” Kayla said. “I didn’t expect them to laugh at our one joke or be so impressed by the speaking at the same time thing.”

    Their intriguing speech was laced with twin antics and quirks, such as speaking at the same time, playing off each others sentences and telling the audience, “Let me tell you about my sister,” which led to a display of their sisterly bond and closeness.

    “Corrie’s the best. She commits herself fully to everything but especially to her friendships,” Kayla said. “She will never let you down and will always fight for the people and ideas she believes in.”

    “There’s too many good qualities to choose from about Kayla,” Corrie added. “She is beyond kind and so incredibly driven when dealing with anything she’s passionate about.”

    The twin’s strong relationship and love for each other rivals just one other relation—their love for Hoban. Corrie is a part of Mock Trial, and both girls are involved in our theater program and various honors courses. They are commonly seen at events, games and fundraisers, showcasing their care for the school.

    “I really love how open Hoban is,” Kayla stated. “I feel like I can easily talk to the teachers and to any of my peers.”

    “It’s cliche and we all know it, but Hoban truly is a family,” Corrie said.

    Clearly, Hoban is in good hands next year. Corrie and Kayla plan on committing themselves to making the school live up to its reputation of a spirited, welcoming community filled with diversity.

    “Mainly, we really want to amp up the school spirit and work with not just the seniors, but also the underclassmen in helping Hoban reach its full potential,” Kayla said.

     “I think our biggest priority is making sure the students at Hoban feel like they have an outlet where their ideas can be heard and implemented,” Corrie added.

    After years of playing with and supporting each other, the twins will now step up as qualified leaders, determined to make their mark on Hoban.  Years of doing everything together has shaped them into the secure, caring leaders, capable of strengthening and encouraging the Hoban family.

    “It’s less how can either of us help the community as individuals but more how we can help the community together,” Corrie said finally. “I think one of our biggest assets is how were such a well oiled machine and such a team.”