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New Year, New Media: Revamping Hoban Visor’s Online Presence


Although the phrase “new year, new me” is often seen as cliché, The Hoban Visor is taking this to a whole new level in 2024. The Visor staff has decided to set the bar high for our media presence as the second semester begins. We have big ideas planned and new additions that we believe will help our school paper become more interactive with the diverse culture of Hoban High School.

First up, The Visor’s Instagram is set for some serious updates. While the page has been active for a while, we are dedicating the new year to keeping it up-to-date and interactive. This includes setting up weekly polls, posting behind-the-scenes videos of the newsroom, and ultimately providing more insight into how The Visor operates and crafts each monthly issue. This will also allow Hoban students to learn more about the importance of our school newspaper and how each monthly issue serves as a voice for all Hoban students to be heard.

“Visor Mic’d Up” is among the most exciting new editions. Microphone interviews will occur every Wednesday and Friday between 6th and 7th periods. The Visor staff will seek out enthusiastic students interested in answering the random question of the day. There is so much that makes Hoban awesome, and we want to showcase what the students have to offer. Interview topics will range from popular internet stories to how students spend their time in and out of Hoban. As a few interviews have already been released, we hope you are excited to continue participating weekly.

One side of Visor media that is often overlooked is The Visor website. On, we upload stories that are both found in physical issues and exclusive to the website. Exclusive website articles are less formal, more creative, and include pop culture topics. Non-Hoban subjects such as March Madness, popular streaming services, music recommendations, and much more are provided for laid-back and easy reads. A new feature added to the website is the Hoban Wordle. Wordle is an internet phenomenon that has taken over the world, and the Visor is joining the trend. We have decided to create an interactive Wordle on our website to keep the fun and simple game of Wordle alive. There will be a new word on the Visor website every week, some relating to Hoban and some not! 

With all these exciting activities occurring in the next few months, where can you find us? Our Instagram page is @hobanvisor, and you can visit our website at Despite all these new updates, we will continue our golden ticket prize and other traditions. Don’t let these changes stop you from picking up a physical copy of The Visor, as we will continue to make each issue the best possible.


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