Ode to Snacks


photo via Amazon

Managing to pay attention in online classes is a flex. Unfortunately, it’s not something I can attest to. 

Most of my zoom classes consist of attendance, a few notes here and there, and a long period of time in which I am distracted by almost anything. 

Snacking, comedic videos introduced to me by my brothers, and Instagram Reels are now a regular part of my schedule. 

However, unlike the latter two, snacking seems to keep me focused on classes. The energy it provides carries me throughout the day. So, snacks, my beloved friends, I dedicate these short poems to you.


Goldfish Dreams

Goldfish, the lighthouse guiding my lost attention span

A beacon of light in a dark world of algebraic equations and periodic elements.

You guide me through the seas of lectures and presentations

Without you, I fear I might drown.


Thanks a lot, Motts 

(Fruit Snacks)

Thanks a lot, Motts.

Although it may sound sarcastic

I truly am grateful

And you are absolutely fantastic.

From grape, to apple, to pear and more

Your abundance of flavors is what I’ve always searched for.

They say you’re for tots but I don’t agree

You are just the right snack for me.


Doritos Make My Day

Fritos and Cheetos are ok,

But nothing makes my day like Doritos.

Chips and salsa may be great

But there’s nothing that compares to Doritos.

With flaming hot lime at the top of the chain,

Your bold flavors keep me sane.


Milk’s Favorite Cookie

There’s an abundance of different cookies

And I’m sure they’re quite great

But one that especially stands out

Are the oreos I pile on my plate.

Each bite is rich and sweet

An encounter with fate.

Oreos are the cookies

That my heart awaits.


Chex and Cheers

Chex and Cheers, music to my ears

Along the Chex Mix Trail.

A multitude of fibers,

It keeps me running

And with it, I cannot fail.

Though the road of life may get me down,

Chex mix is always there

To lend a hand in my low energy modes

The boost is a breath of fresh air.


A Pretzel Point of View

People say pretzels are plain and useless,

But I surely disagree.

The simplicity of a pretzel’s flavor

Is what makes them easy to eat.

Though we take simple things for granted

I hope you don’t forget

Sometimes the simplest of things

Can become the very best.


There’s a huge list of snacks that are just as wonderful as these. Have fun creating your own poem dedicated to your favorite snack. Happy snacking!