Soup lovers stay strong during a shortage


Hannah Bulgrin

Beloved soup distributor pointing to the delicacy of the week.

As the weather grows colder and temperatures drop, the urge to curl up by the fireplace with a warm cup of soup consumes many. And while Archbishop Hoban can not provide students with a communal hearth; it can console us with a bowl of soup every Wednesday.

Since Nov. 2, Hoban students have been delighted to find a new item adorning the school lunch menu; chicken noodle soup. Soup day fans from last year may have been disappointed to discover that they would no longer offer soup daily. It seems that along with other Hoban delicacies, soup bowls have also suffered the consequences of inflation.

Beth Reining informs “Not enough people bought soup last year, and with the lack of demand we didn’t see a need to continue supply.”

I understand that this may be disappointing for die-hard soup fans like myself, but my peers and I have found comfort in the warmth of the liquid gold we enjoy every Wednesday.

Senior Lukas Cinko comments “Soup day is the highlight of my week. Especially when a week has felt particularly tiring, getting that warm bowl of soup on hump day always brightens my day.”

I sympathize heavily with Cinko, but I urge him to have hope during these difficult times as a Hoban soup lover. Rumor has it that if enough students begin to buy soup we may have our beloved dish back before the end of the year. Many students have already begun to spread the word and support the cause themselves.

Senior Lola Snyder remarks “I would be willing to buy four soups a day just to have them back every day.” I am happy to see someone doing their part.

So please knights, buy a soup bowl on Wednesday so we can get our beloved dish back to being a constant on Hoban’s winter menu.