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Staying Sane During the Season of Senior Slide

With a month into the second semester just completed, if you are a senior and have not lost motivation yet, you surely have now. As one of those tired, uninterested seniors myself, I know the pain of waking up each day to come to school when you have already been accepted into your college. To help ease the class of 2024’s case of senioritis, I have compiled a list of five tips to keep us on track until we walk across the stage at graduation.

  1. Keep working hard:

While finding the motivation to put in effort at school can be challenging when the end is in sight, we are not there yet. Continue to turn assignments in on time, study for tests, and pay attention in class. Enjoy the free time now that college applications are out of the way, and take a sigh of relief.

     2. Map out the next couple of months:

Many exciting activities for seniors are packed into this final quarter. Get a calendar and mark it with important dates like prom, graduation, and sporting events. By doing so, you will be able to see an overview for the rest of your time at Hoban, giving you something to look forward to.

     3. Don’t worry about the future:

You are still a Hoban Knight. Although we will all be parting ways at the end of the school year, try not to stress about the daunting changes of what comes next. Transitioning from high school to college or a full-time job is scary, but for now, just try to enjoy still being a kid in high school. There is no need to grow up any sooner.

    4. Drop your grudges:

After four years of high school with the same people, it is easy to let past grudges keep you from connecting with your classmates. But we are in the home stretch; leave Hoban on a good note and really embrace your school family. It will only make these final months more fun if we all get along and work together to have the best senior year.

   5. Do what you want:

All of your time at Hoban culminates in this: senior year. Although it’s already halfway done, there’s still time to do whatever you have always dreamed of. Join a club or sport that has always piqued your interest, or even try a school lunch that enticed you for the last four years. This will all be over in a few months, so why not live to the fullest right now and do what will make you happy?

While it may be sad knowing that high school is quickly coming to an end for the class of 2024, there is so much excitement and fun still left to be had. So don’t check out and give up yet, seniors!


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