The how-to guide to being an environmentalist

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The how-to guide to being an environmentalist

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In a day where climate change prevails and activists are raising their voices, we have a chance to create a small but good impact. In a day where sea turtles suffer from our greedy materialistic habits, we can change. In a day where our earth is dying and we are almost too late, we must change NOW.


Although we cannot all hold protests and testify on behalf of environmental policies, we can still make a difference with everyday purchases and habits. We can change little aspects of our daily lives to have a chance at a better future, or else we won’t have one. Here’s a list of some environmentally purchases and ideas (because we all know the money would otherwise just go to Dunkin) that can help change our daily lives for the better and help educate those around you.


4Ocean bracelets: These stylish bracelets are becoming all the rage on social media. Instead of creating plastic in factories, this company is using plastic waste from the sea. They find it, sanitize it, and then create beautifully colored bracelets from this plastic that has been soaking in saltwater, streaked with a multitude of colors. This is both a cute addition to your outfit AND it takes one pound of plastic from the sea with every bracelet you buy!!


Metal straws: Yes. It’s a trend. Some trends are cringey, but not this one! After the infamous turtle video went viral, many people felt pure guilt after using straws, so companies took to creating handy dandy reusable ones. Usually collapsible, the straw comes in a tiny compartment that can easily fit into your keychain for your next smoothie outing.


Nature hike/walk with trash: Ahh hiking. Ohians love it seeing as that’s one of the few commodities we have here. Some great additions to hiking are a pair of plastic gloves and some trash bags. If you go on a hike with some friends, make picking up trash a competition. Maybe whoever loses has to buy lunch!


Documentaries (Plastic planet, etc.): Netflix has begin to turn it’s focus onto documentaries recently. The best beginner doc to really understand the drastic impact we have on the Mother Earth is Plastic Planet. If you’re more interested in sea creatures, Blackfish delves into the darkness behind Sea World and unfair treatment of aquatic animals. There are many movies to watch but those are the two best starter points!


Fund a sea turtle: Yes you read that right! You can fund a sea turtle!!! Sea turtles are classified as endangered now. Slaughtered for theirs eggs, shells and skin, the turtles are living tough lives. But we can help. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) gives citizens a chance to fund their own turtles who are in trouble and need a helping hand (or fin).

Check out their website for more info if you simply google “World Wildlife Fund.”


Learn your facts: The best way to make a difference is to raise awareness. Go to your local library and get some books on the environment. Head over to Netflix and instead of watching The Office for the eighth time, start a documentary. When someone asks about why you have a different straw, that’s the time to slide some facts in so we can all be environmentalists. So now’s the time to make a  chance. Because, after all, there is no Planet B!