The importance of patience while acclimating to our “new” lives


photo via Industry Week

Last night was my first practice since the nation-wide shut down six months ago and of course, we jumped right in with a long five-hour evening. As happy as I was to be back, it was the most frustrating, exhausting and painful experience I’ve had in awhile. I used to sit in classes all day, go straight to practice for at least four hours, then go home and complete piles of homework. Now, I need a nap after a 30 minute zoom call. 

I expected to be in the exact same spot I was in March, but after sitting around for six months, I was nowhere near that point. As much as I wish I could seamlessly recalibrate, that’s not realistic. It’s going to take awhile, just like our school routine. 

Of course, a form of school in April and May existed, but it was not the same. We could do work whenever we wanted and for some people that meant 3 a.m. We could take however many breaks we so desired throughout the day. And for the most part, sports hit the pause button on practices. 

In the last six months, students everywhere took perhaps their longest “break” from school, sports and activities in their lives.  For months on end, we sat around with very little to do; we were used to that lifestyle. I don’t think anyone realized how difficult it would be to return to our pre-COVID lives. 

In March, life hit the brakes. Now, after a six month hiatus, they are expected to make the same dramatic jump. This is impossible. No one can expect our bodies and minds to shoot right back to where we were in March. Our sleep schedules were a disaster, stamina was shot and forget the ability to focus in classes for eight hours straight. 

It is going to take our bodies a while to acclimate. That’s okay. I know it’s frustrating but fighting with yourself is counterproductive. We need patience to understand this is not going to be easy. 

The importance of forgiveness and patience, specifically with yourself, means everything at a time like this. This is a new experience that no one is used to and it will take awhile to get to that point. 

Eventually, we will bounce back. Just trust the process. Soon our lives will be as close to normal while living in a global pandemic.