The top five ways to occupy an older sibling during Christmas break


With the holidays fast approaching, one fact persists—the college kids are coming home. Most siblings tend to arrive home before Hoban’s study guides are even passed out, so the chances of them distracting you from midterms remain certain. Here’s The Visor’s top five tips for occupying an older, most likely bored, sibling:

1. Study buddies!

Yes, my sister just wrapped up her bio-chem exam, and yes, looking at any type of notes is the last thing she’d like to do, but you best believe she will at least be assisting me for my anatomy and pre-calc exams. The beauty of an older sibling lies in the fact that they’ve (most likely) experienced everything you’re going through— Mancine’s practical? Got it. Dzik’s econ exam? You already know. The AP lit essay? Check! Utilize them as study guides before they drown in Christmas cookies and eggnog—they may be done, but you’ve still got exams to ace.

2.“Santa’s” helpers

As the certified Markowski gift wrapper, I tend to help out “Santa” (my mother) the week before the big day. But, this year, the task must be taken over by my buckeye sister. While we’re all hitting the books, delegate gift wrapping and last minute shopping to the bored college kid in your family. Chances are they will send you a million questions on what cologne dad wants or forget how to tie a ribbon, but hey, that’s what siblings are for.

3. Have them occupy your parents so you can study peacefully

In my family, we just love to be in each other’s business, and most of the time, I cherish it. But not for the next two weeks—that will be my sister’s job. Of course, I love my father’s never-ending curiosity with what’s going on in my life and my mother’s dance parties, but there will be none of that til after the 20th. Until then, my sister will have to be the subject of dad’s questions and dance along to Christmas tunes with mom, while I , enviously, look on in between Italian IV and Social Justice study guides.

4. Make them take you on study breaks

Need a Starbucks break? Craving Swenson’s Potato Teezers?  Thirsting for Dunkin? Guilt your sibling into taking youseriously, friends, this works. Your sibling understands the amount of stress you’re feeling and how fragile of a state you’re currently in, so having them whisk you away to a coffee shop or restaurant for an hour is the least they can do. FYI—shedding a tear or two (or having a full-on meltdown) will most likely aid in the mission for a galley boy. You’re welcome in advance.

5. Just let them annoy you

Honestly, my sister annoying me is way more fun than studying. I would rather be gorging myself with candy canes and drinking hot chocolate with her than reviewing all 206 bones or the subjunctive verb in Italian. But, once next week concludes, we’ll have all the time in the world to annoy, pester and bother each other—lovingly, of course. For now, however, try and stay motivated to finish the semester on a high note. I promise, your sibling won’t be leaving any time in the near future and soon enough, you’ll be counting down the days for them to return to their college town. Enjoy the holiday with them before you start to rip each other’s hair out (sorry, Lex).