An end to extra homecoming proposals

photo via Westside Wired

photo via Westside Wired

As someone who has gotten asked to homecoming every year in the most extravagant ways, I hate homecoming proposals.


Homecoming, a mere annual school dance, has become a bigger deal than it ever was in the past. When my parents went to homecoming, all they did was put on a nice outfit and dance the night away in their school gymnasium. Now, girls spend longer getting ready than they do at the dance itself, and the preparations start up to a month before the actual day. Girls often buy their dresses months in advance, and homecoming proposals begin around the same time.  


Homecoming proposals can be miserable for both girls and guys. They have become such a big deal in the past couple years that now guys feel pressure to ask a girl to a dance in the most memorable and quirky way possible. For many, especially the introverted, this attention can be dreadful.


Most guys do not feel comfortable standing in front of all their peers, who are most often filming, with a big cheesy poster. Most girls do not want all the attention and cheering that always comes along.


Guys must spend time preparing and coming up with a clever way to ask. Then they have to work up the guts to actually do it. However, this expectation often discourages many people from even asking someone they would love to ask. If they don’t have the guts to ask her in front of everyone, they often choose not to ask at all.


Asking in front of everyone also forces many girls to respond in a way they don’t necessarily want to or feel comfortable with. Oftentimes, girls say yes just because all eyes are on them. Sometimes later, and in private, they change their answer, which has to be all the more heartbreaking for the guy.


Another detrimental effect of homecoming proposals is that many girls feel left out. Most never get the poster or the flowers. If guys asked in a more discreet way, this would be less brutal for those without a date.


Now why do people still do extravagant homecoming proposals if they are so horrible? Well, everyone feels obligated. No one wants to disappoint. However, if no one engaged in extra homecoming proposals, then no one would feel obligated.


We are only in high school. We are not getting married. Homecoming proposals can still exist but they should be done in a more relaxed and chill manner. Everyone would appreciate it if they became less of a big deal.