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Beyond the Classroom: Munich Moments Inform New Trip


In a quest to incorporate the thrilling allure of global exploration into biology education, educators Nicole Episcopo and James Mulholland embarked on an educational odyssey to Munich, Germany. Their mission? To master the art of orchestrating student abroad experiences. The dynamic duo, set to lead a pack of adventurous students to the mesmerizing Galápagos Islands over spring break, believed that the insights gathered from the Munich conference would serve as their compass in navigating the uncharted waters of international educational travel.

The journey to Munich kicked off with a marathon nine-hour flight, a test of endurance that, fortunately, glided seamlessly through the skies. Mulholland fondly recalls the flight, sharing, “Ms. Episcopo indulged in rom-coms, while I opted for the delightful duo of Ted Lasso and Community.”

Armed with open minds and eager hearts, the educators dove into the Munich experience, courtesy of the educational travel maestros at Education First (EF) Tours. Through networking with globe-trotting colleagues and immersive seminars tailored to the teacher, Episcopo and Mulholland absorbed the wisdom needed to transform their international travel vision into a reality.

“The invaluable insights we gained from seasoned tour-takers, along with the expertise shared during the seminars, effortlessly dissolved our pre-trip jitters,” Mulholland attests. “Talking to experts who have navigated these waters multiple times certainly put my concerns at ease.”

While Munich served as a professional playground, Episcopo and Mulholland did not miss the chance to explore historical sites, including a former World War II concentration camp turned museum, leaving an unforgettable mark on their journey.

Reflecting on the conference, Episcopo notes, “Mr. Mulholland and I wielded an aggressive note sheet between us, furiously scribbling down insights during the seminars.”

Their Munich revelations extended beyond professional development, delving into the complexities of orchestrating a large group’s journey. Ensuring the safety, financial well-being, passport management, and whereabouts of each student requires an extra layer of vigilance, a lesson not lost on the duo.

Armed with newfound knowledge, Episcopo and Mulholland now set their sights on the Galápagos Islands, where they plan to breathe life into biology lessons amidst the unique ecosystem credited to Charles Darwin. The action-packed itinerary, spanning March 27 to April 4, promises a whirlwind of adventure, including visits to a tortoise ranch, the Equatorial line, snorkeling escapades with sea turtles and exotic fish, and cultural excursions to Campania de Jesus Church, Intinan Museum, and Charles Darwin Research Station.

Sophomore Holly Loos, one of the lucky students joining the expedition, exclaims, “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I couldn’t be more thrilled! I’m eagerly anticipating encounters with incredible wildlife.”

For those hesitant about globetrotting, Episcopo offers sage advice, “If the desire to explore burns within you, trust your instincts and go for it. But, exercise financial caution and conduct thorough research beforehand.”

As the duo fine-tune their expedition plans, the transformative Munich experience serves as their compass, guiding them toward the grand unveiling of the wonders awaiting their students in the Galápagos. With dedication and determination, Episopo and Mulholland aim to create a student experience that transcends the classroom, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Bon voyage, educators and students! 


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