Hogwarts is real…I’ll prove it


photo via Hello Giggles

Among other past-times, TikTok has reignited my love of Harry Potter. My love of the series began around age 10 when my grandma showed my brothers and I all eight movies one weekend. Shortly after, I decided to read all seven books and the obsession was officially in full-swing. 

Since then, I have visited Harry Potter World at Universal twice and it was easily two of the coolest experiences of my life. It’s like stepping into the real Diagon Alley, which has forever been a dream of mine, and the accuracy of the castle captured every detail. 

Every Harry Potter fan has wished at least once in their life to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It not only boasts a stunning campus but also the most fascinating subjects and teachers. Along with talking pictures and classes that teach how to make objects fly, the family atmosphere at the school parallels the real mccoy. 

What really baffles me is this entire world was created in the imagination of just one person. Or was it? 

The Wizarding World is complex, even without Harry and his friends running around fighting everyone. It involves hundreds of spells, an entire Ministry of Magic, completely bizarre modes of transportation, multiple schools and so much more. You cannot tell me this entire story was made up. It’s just too complex. 

No matter how creative they are, one person could not have made up a story with that much detail. Through the pages of each book an entire world was created. No matter how creative she is, there is only one possible way J.K. Rowling could have written Harry Potter: she’s a wizard. 

The Harry Potter series has always been classified as fiction but there’s nothing made up about it. Yes, no one’s flying around on brooms or randomly disappearing but our world is full of other unexplainable moments. Well, I have an explanation: it’s magic. 

Now, I know what you’re thinking. How can this entire world exist without our knowledge? Well, throughout the entire Harry Potter series it becomes extremely clear that the Wizarding World’s entire goal is to remain hidden to muggles. While it physically pains me to be placed in any category with the Dursleys, let’s admit we are muggles just like them. 

Just because I never received my Hogwarts letter at age 11, does not mean the whole series is a lie. The Wizarding World undoubtedly exists in real life, we are all just a bunch of lame muggles.