I’m here, notice me!


via Comedy Central

As teenagers who experience the daily grind and monotony of high school, being overlooked is no new ordeal. We are constantly pushed to the side, disregarded and stranded, a sea of young adults left in the same boat. While expected to act with the maturity of an adult, superiors condescend to treat us like the children we no longer are.

We wait to be acknowledged and accept the hypocrisy of the adult world without question. Parents state food and clothes are the “reward” and pitching in is a prerequisite of living in their home. While I  agree chores are necessary for child development and instill a conscientiousness of surroundings, basic needs should not be compensation. Simple recognition for tasks, instead of “You actually did the dishes?” are repayment enough. Completing household tasks which require minimal effort are not a drain. I don’t want to be treated like a child anymore. Take a stand, make an impact. When our corn-burning stove went out and neither of my parents were home, I learned how to restart it on my own  and successfully attempted something I’d never done before. A new feat of independence which gave me confidence.

This is why high school graduation is such an important milestone in the lives of many. The future shines brightly ahead. A beacon of hope for all who previously longed for independence is suddenly a reality. Our lives seemingly transform in a second, the evolution from teens with uninformed opinions to educated adults complete with one walk across a stage. As teens move through high school, they are expected to make massive decisions about their future: where to study, what to major in and the best way to achieve their future goals. Adolescents who were previously guarded from the harsh realities of the world are now vulnerable: concerned with how to pay for college, the potential for their future success and the severity of the decision.

Even though we may be slightly juvenile at times, teens are capable of making a large impact on the world. Activists like Greta Thornburg fight against climate change and survivors of school shooting constantly advocate for change to gun regulation. Being dismissed or overlooked because of age can be motivational, inspiring already passionate individuals to use their voice. I receive the opportunity to write about impassioned and poignant topics as a member of the Hoban Visor.  This gives me the opportunity to connect with people. Find the extracurricular which allows you to make a difference. How will you use your voice to prove others wrong?