Lifelong Knights share their pride for Hoban’s athletic success


For most high schools, a trip to any state championship seems like a once in a lifetime opportunity. Athlete’s dream of rings, coaches train their teams to have a championship mentality and fans attend games, rain or snow, hoping for a the final game, match or meet.

Hoban athletics has a reputation of excellence running for 54 years. With 26 varsity teams and multiple junior varsity and freshman teams, a large portion of students are involved in the program. This year alone, three sports traveled to their respective states—the boys golf team finished in sixth place, cross country runners Bridget Hahn, sixth place finisher, and Hannah Schill attended their final run and recently, football has brought back their fourth consecutive state championship trophy.  

Of course, these titles mean the world to the winning athletes. The state championship is the culmination of years of sacrifice, dedication and zeal—hoisting the trophy in the air and donning medals makes grueling practices and all of Winkler’s liftings truly worth it. The coaches, of course, beam with pride at their kids, while parents tell everyone they know and share Facebook posts of their child’s accomplishments. Friends and fellow students congratulate their success, while reaping the benefits of late-night games and no-school Fridays.

But, there’s another group in our Hoban community who are equally as proud of their school— the alumni. Hailing from a long trail of Hoban grads, I’ve experienced first-hand the love our alumni have for the school. Take a peek into how our predecessors feel about Hoban’s success and what it means to still support the blue and gold:

“It’s really awesome to see the school continue to win championships. It personally makes me proud watching all of the guys I used to play with now being the true leaders on the team and teaching the younger guys how to win championships. Next year, while I’m watching some of the games, I’m not going to know a single player on the field but I know the leadership will still be the same. Just altogether as an alumn and former player, I’m super proud of what the football program has become.” -Jacob McNeil, class of 2016

“Well, I’ve always been proud to be a Hoban alum and more recently been proud to be a Hoban teacher. It’s now equaled the glory days of Hoban in the 1960s.” Robert Yanko, class of 1966

“We are a Hoban family and have been since my father graduated from there.  Seeing Hoban win state four years in a row has been extra special because I have been able to watch my nieces and nephews become enriched in the Hoban spirit. The sense of community  and family at Hoban is as old as the school and it has been truly special to watch the students embrace those sentiments.” -Anne Markowski, class of 1991

“I am so incredibly proud of the team, cheerleaders and coaches for achieving this awesome feat. It makes me so proud to say I’m an Archbishop Hoban alumni!” -Megan Uridales, class of 2017

“I think we should be proud of all these kids and the amount of work that they have put in to their respective sports.” -Tim Lucey, class of 1997

“Seeing the football team win another state championship and knowing how hard those kids work for it makes me really proud of where I came from and the work ethic they’re teaching & providing at Hoban.

Seeing Bridget go to the State meet was amazing, since i had been running with her the past 3 years, i got to see how she was growing and improving so it is great to see the results fall into place.” -Anthony Bishop, class 2018.  

“Honestly, it’s even more fun than when I was in high school. It’s like reliving the glory days, so I’ve had a lot of fun attending the games and I even wore my letterman to a few!” -Taylor Eckman, class of 2012

“Most of the public do not see how hard all of Hoban’s athletes and coaches work. From the strength training to the hard practices, film study, to the rehab of injuries. I am thankful to be able to witness it up close. I most enjoy seeing the kids form a brotherhood amongst each other and grow in the belief they have in each other. I am honored to be able to volunteer at my alma mater.”- Dr. Kevin Markowski, class of 1987

Hoban’s alumni play such an integral role in the school’s success. Between donations to endorsements to sending their own children to their alma mater, they are a testament to the never-ending Hoban family. Their unending school spirit and pride journey along with them in their lives, becoming an indispensable part of them no matter how far they travel from One Holy Cross Boulevard. We thank them for their continuous support in all activities that occur here on the hill.