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Originally, I wanted to write about the riots in Paris. I planned to tell you all about how the French president’s increased fuel taxes have ignited seemingly insatiable protest nationwide, leading to hundreds of injuries and over 1,000 arrests. But, honestly? I don’t really want to.


News is just so negative. All the time. Now, I know that’s not the intent. Reporters don’t show up to work hoping there’s an international tragedy to print. The world is a scary and terrifying place, and I should want to hear about the big events before a history book does.


However, I also know that, when a pill is hard to swallow, you’re supposed to chase it with water.


First things first—swallow the pill. I finished the depressing article (in case you were wondering, protestors aren’t satisfied with President Macron’s compensations and plan to expand the rebellions). Then, I clicked the delightful little return arrow in the top left of my screen, arrived at a Google search bar, and typed ‘good news.’ I really needed some.


That’s when I stumbled upon the perfect chaser for a daily dose of bad news—


Good News Network is a news outlet dedicated to positivity and inspiration. Each day, they post uplifting stories to restore our faith in humanity. Where normally there is violence, Good News has kittens. Where usually there are protests, a brain dead woman comes back to life.


Did you know scientists are developing a 10-minute test that can detect cancer anywhere in the body and at its early, most treatable stages? Or that heavy metal band Metallica is working to end world hunger? That the World Bank will soon be putting $200 billion toward fighting climate change?


Probably not.


Did you know a lot people don’t like President Trump? Hear about the migrant caravan that’s marching toward the U.S.? Or that California practically burned down?




Good News Network, a self-proclaimed “antidote to the barrage of negativity experienced in the mainstream media,” has worked for the last 21 years to create a safe haven from the sadness.


And quite successfully, I might add. After all, they are number one on Google.


I’m not suggesting we all just read Good News and nothing else. That would be just as ignorant as only watching the normal, depressing news. But I do think we should find a happy medium.


Plenty of news outlets send daily emails to subscribers with the gist of the news. Sign up for one. Better yet, sign up for the one on the Good News site. We all need a little bit of happy.


I’m sure the economic situation in France will resolve itself. I’m confident the citizens and the government will reach a compromise. I have to believe they will. But, in the meantime, JetBlue is delivering people in wrapping paper and gift bows to their loved ones for Christmas, and elementary schoolers are sending Christmas trees to U.S. military soldiers stationed worldwide. Let’s focus on that.