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Songs That I Love Unironically

Over the 2000s, many songs’ values have become tainted by the memes and jokes they are associated with. It is no longer acceptable for people to genuinely enjoy listening to these tunes. Today, however, I am going to break that stigma by looking at five songs I unironically love that are normally laughed at. 

  1. “Fireflies” by Owl City

Immediately noticeable to any high schooler after just the first cords, this song became a joke somewhere along the line. I am not sure when people began to laugh at it, but of course, I agreed that this song named after an insect was not anything special. Just recently though, I rediscovered it. No one else wants to say it, but I am not ashamed to: “Fireflies” is a serious bop. It is not universally agreed upon what the meaning behind the track is, some say insomnia, while others have delved deeper into how it relates to growing up. I prefer the latter idea, which adds an extra layer to singing it on a late-night drive with your friends. 

  1. “Man or Muppet” by Jason Segel and his muppet counterpart Walter

Appearing in “The Muppets”, there is no denying this ballad has gained a comedic reputation. This duet features back-and-forth questioning of whether or not the main character has human or muppet DNA. Admit it already, sometimes when you look in the mirror the desire to let your inner song out becomes too enticing, and you need to sing about your own possible muppet identity. Although it takes on a serious tone, “Man or Muppet” is obviously supposed to be a silly number. However, it is not to be scoffed at. This anthem talks about dealing with identity in a digestible way, something many people struggle with today. Plus, it won an academy award, and you can not refute the critics’ claim that it was the best original song of 2011. 

  1. “All Star” by Smash Mouth

Keeping with the cinematic theme, this masterpiece is best known from the film “Shrek”. It was not written specifically to accompany the opening scenes of the movie, but it undoubtedly was the right choice. By association, this song should be praised alongside the artful Shrek franchise. However, sometimes I think it gets lost in the memes. This song, and its catchy nature, continuously run through my head on the most boring of days. Forget Shrek, “All Star” is an amazing song on its own. 

  1. “Careless Whisper” by George Michael

I am not quite sure where this song stands meme-wise. For some reason though, people always seem to be a little ashamed of how much they enjoy Michael’s sultry voice. They should not be. Listening to the bridge alone is enough to realize that belting this song is nothing to be embarrassed about. Rather, be proud that you have all the words memorized to this iconic masterpiece. I know they are somewhere in the folds of your brain, don’t lie. 

  1. “Photograph” by Nickelback 

Perhaps the most embarrassing song to admit my affinity for, “Photograph” is strangely good. Everyone knows the first line— “look at this photograph”—that has been manipulated to sound like a statement from an excited math teacher. Even if that does leave a corny feel to the rest of the song, do not worry, by the time it hits the bridge you will have forgotten. With a rising intensity, you cannot help but scream along with Nickelback when he describes the photographs scattered on the bedroom floor. 

Next time you hear these songs, do not be ashamed that you know the words. Add them to your personal playlists and surprise someone when they come on in your car. Sing them loud and proud.

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