The golden age of early 2000s TV


photo via Digital Spy

  • West Wing (1999-2006) – HBO Max

My favorite political drama, this gem centers around a presidential administration in the White House and the crises the senior staff must solve on a daily basis. It stars young Bradley Whitford, Rob Lowe, Allison Janney and Dulé Hill. The success of this show shot their careers into the stratosphere. Aaron Sorkin, the creator of the show, beautifully combines laughs and heart-wrenching scenes, allowing them plenty of chances to prove their acting skills. Whether you are team SamJosh (seriously, two of the most queercoded characters to ever grace our television screens) or SamDonna, this show will keep you laughing for all seven seasons.

  • Scrubs (2001-2010) – Amazon Prime

This half-hour comedy follows protagonist John Dorian on his path from medical intern to full-fledged attending physician. J.D. and his best friend Turk’s antics bring levity to any situation and you will be left wishing your significant other loves you half as much as they love each other. Fair warning though, your internal monologue will start to sound like Zach Braff after watching this show. Also, beware of tears. They will happen.

  • Reba (2001-2007) – Hulu (Premium subscription) 

Reba McEntire stars in this show. That’s really all I have to say about it. Period. McEntire navigates life as a newly divorced mom of four and co-parenting mishaps, teenage angst, and familial love come together to form enthralling plotlines. There is a sense of true affection between the cast which reads to viewers as a cohesive, if chaotic at times, family unit.

  • Friends – HBO Max

This show is the reason our generation longs to live in New York City. Trying to avoid the common pitfalls of our 20s and 30s, a tight-knit group of “friends” navigate mishaps in the Big Apple. Whether you are wondering how Monica and Rachel could possibly afford this apartment or how much food Joey can possibly eat, the pure friendship remains alive through 11 seasons. 

  • Gilmore Girls (2000-2007) – Netflix

The OG mother-daughter bond, these fast talking caffeine addicts lit up our screens and changed our lives. Lorelai Gilmore was our second mother, someone understanding to turn to after fights with our unreasonable mothers who have no idea what it’s like being a teenager. Rory was the bookish nerd we mocked and admired in equal parts. They even rebooted it in 2016, so viewers get to learn what their favorite characters are up too now.