The new and improved Dr. T


Since 2014, the student body has been under the wing of one Mr. Tym Tagliaferro. Known as Mr. T, T-Y-M or simply “T”, he has worked tirelessly for five years in administrative duties, as well as student affairs including Student Council, Hoban Theatre and alternative spring break. Now, Tagliaferro adds one more name to his list of epithets—Dr. Tym Tagliaferro.

Tagliaferro, a St. Ignatius graduate, received his Ed.D. (Doctorate of Education) from Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska this past weekend. After three years of intense schooling, he was approved by a panel of doctors as he presented and defended his dissertation, missing his first Hoban football game in five years in order to do so.

“I took one class, every eight weeks for two and a half years with only a one week break each year around Christmas,” Tagliaferro explained. “At the end of the program I had to propose a research study that could make a difference in the world. Once I was approved, I had to conduct the study, compile, code, and theme the data, then draw conclusions and make recommendations. Only after I could demonstrate expertise by defending the study, the data, and the study’s findings would they grant me the Doctorate.

His dissertation focused on how Catholic Secondary Schools need to be intentional about preserving mission and charism during the decline of religious. Entitled “Managing Charism Transmission in Catholic Secondary Education: A Multi-Site Case Study Examining the Role of Chief Mission Officer at Religious Order-Sponsored Schools in the United States,” the 200-page research document is the culmination of a lifetime of hard work and dedication to excellence. Tagliaferro successfully completed his Doctorate all while maintaining a distinct commitment to his job as Dean of Students.

“For me, I was adamant that I didn’t want my work as the Dean to suffer because of my commitments as a graduate student,” he stated. “In some ways, I really hope it came as a surprise to a lot of people that I finished my Doctorate. I really tried to maintain working to the best of my ability at Hoban, and not let my school work get in the way of my professional work. The good thing about my position at Hoban is that I get to be in a lot of things and as a young administrator who is not a vowed religious, I am ultimately one of the people responsible for helping to maintain and promulgate our school’s Holy Cross charism.”

Whether you know him as Mr. T, T-Y-M, or even his alliterative middle names of Thomas and Terrance, he has certainly earned the Doctorate title. As a central part of Hoban’s functionality, Tagliaferro’s accomplishment speaks volumes to his devotion to not only his professional career, but the students of Hoban. The new and improved “Dr. T” even made special notice to pay homage to his Hoban family in his presentation, ending his dissertation with this acknowledgement:

“This dissertation would also not have been possible without the support of Dr. Todd Sweda, Ed. D., Br. Bob Livernois, C.S.C., Mrs. Emily Ramos and the entire Archbishop Hoban High School community.  As I have grown during these past three years within this Ed. D program, so too, I have grown as a leader in Holy Cross education. Without the support of the Hoban community, I do not know if I could have stayed the course in such a timely manner.”


Congratulations, Dr. Tagliaferro on this great achievement—your Hoban family could not be more proud of you!