The struggle of living in Medina

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Just northwest of Akron, in what seems like the middle of nowhere, lies one of Ohio’s best kept secrets: the city of Medina. As a lifelong resident, it’s safe to say I have developed a love-hate relationship with this little gem.

Up until high school, I loved my life in Medina. I loved eating at the delicious restaurants in Medina Square and exploring all of its unique shops. My school, St. Francis Xavier, was only a short 10-minute drive away from my house. All of my friends lived so close. Medina had everything I needed within arm’s reach. And then…my life changed.

After beginning high school in Akron at Hoban, I discovered the hate side of my relationship with Medina. 25 minutes instantly extended my school commute. With constant construction and numerous car accidents, I often found myself driving 45 minutes or even up-to-an hour in my quest to reach school. Every morning, I allot an hour-and-a-half for my commute, just to be safe. I’m forced to wake up way earlier than those who live closer to Hoban and I’m not a morning person. God bless caffeine. 

Another distinct disadvantage of living in such a distant location are the detrimental effects on  my 

social life. I attended St. Francis Xavier for grade school. For the most part, we all lived in Medina. I never had to worry about friends living far away. This all changed when I went to Hoban. I made new acquaintances with similar interests, a bunch of people who happen to live all across Northeast Ohio. Suddenly, peers lived in Green, Stow, Cuyahoga Falls, Akron and Hudson. Nowhere near Medina. 

When I was a freshmen and sophomore, this was a major issue because I never had rides anywhere. My parents both work full time jobs. They are never home to drive me places and no one lived close enough to give me a ride. If I really needed to be somewhere, my parents had to leave work. Hanging out with friends became exceptionally difficult. Just “going to a friend’s house” meant at least a two-hour round trip drive for my parents. 

Now that I have my license, the problem is no longer not having a ride but figuring out how to pay for gas. I can get anywhere I desire, but I need gas to get there. Newsflash: gas is expensive. And it’s extremely expensive for a teenager with no money. Having to drive 30-plus minutes to school everyday and at least 40 minutes to any of my friend’s houses adds up. It’s safe to say living in Medina has made me broke. 

Don’t get me wrong, Medina will always have a special place in my heart. I still love Medina Square. I still love all of the shops and cafes. I love all the lights they put up around Christmas time. But my wallet and sleep schedule seriously take a hit for such meager benefits.