The zodiac sign logic is toxic

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Zodiac signs have been around for over 2,000 years and are still the crystal ball of prophecy some choose to look to. Yet, despite occasional accuracy, the false rumors they spread create a mist blinding us from their toxic nature.


I will admit that zodiac signs can prove accurate from time to time. But these truths might very well be deceptions that we ourselves create. Think for a moment about your zodiac sign and its stereotypical characteristics. It’s just that: a stereotype. 


Just as stereotypes might provide unrealistic expectations for individuals or groups, zodiac signs could very well assign you a set of characteristics that completely contradict your own nature. Those who do not recognize this might attempt to change their own character in order to “fit in” to their specific category.


We try not to let others box us into a single nature or category, so why should we let zodiac signs do the same? The signs give us expectations that, if proven true, boost their own credibility and earn them respect. We are told that the month and day we are born should determine our nature and how we act towards others. 


This same controlling and manipulative behavior would be denounced if found in a person; shouldn’t the same be done with zodiac signs?


Placing extreme faith in zodiac signs is not only harmful to yourself, but also to those around you as well. How many times have you heard someone say “Oh, he must be a Taurus” or “She’s definitely an Aries”? 


This behavior is attributing detestable characteristics to groups of people who don’t deserve the hate. Just because someone is a Gemini or Scorpio does not mean they are the devil incarnate. 


I’ve seen my fill of Instagram posts labeling Cancers and Virgos as my enemies due to the stereotypical view on Libras. First of all, two of my younger brothers are Cancers and I love them to death. Second, I can’t say I know any Virgos, but if I were to meet one, there would be no need to start unnecessary beef. I’ll leave the toxicity to the theory of zodiac signs.


How can we call zodiac signs “accurate” and “trustworthy” when they promote uncalled for and unreasonable hostility towards people we’ve just met? 


The idea that anyone could be introduced to a person and immediately discern whether they’re kind or mean based solely upon their zodiac sign is extremely sickening. If you want to know what a person is like, you can talk to them. You can spend time with them. But please, don’t ask them their zodiac sign and stir up false notions about their character.


I understand that not everyone allows zodiac signs to dictate how they live their lives. But those who do need to realize how harmful and toxic this theory is. The people who obsess over zodiac signs will find themselves trapped in the crystal ball of deception.