Weirdest animal laws

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Weirdest animal laws

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Governments, since their existence, have created laws to preserve peace and protect their citizens. In the creation of these laws, there are some that may seem currently correct. But the conditions change, making some laws seem pointless and absurd. 

These unique laws relate to people, pets, and wild beasts alike. So, prepare yourself for the stupidity of these laws. 

In Oregon, it is illegal for your dog to bark for more than ten minutes. 

We all know that annoying dog that cannot seem to shut its mouth. They yip and yip, constantly shrieking and uttering. Whether this be a guard dog fulfilling its job or just a yippy little chihuahua, in Multnomah County, OR, it is illegal for your pup to bark for more than 10 minutes. A noble cause, but extremely hard to enforce.

In Wisconsin, cats and dogs are not allowed in public cemeteries.

I want you to take 10 seconds, close your eyes and picture Halloween. I bet that at least some of you pictured a black cat and a cemetery. At least one of you thought of both. In Sun Prairie, WI, domesticated felines and canines are not allowed to walk in graveyards. Of course there is an exception for trained service and assistance dogs, but otherwise, tell your furry friends to KEEP OUT. 

In Wyoming, it was illegal to photograph game between the months of January and April.

Spotting that majestic stag standing in a field or seeing a fluffy rabbit in the backyard is a beautiful moment many long to capture on camera. In 1921, it was illegal to take photos of wild game in Wyoming. This law most likely originated from concern and reluctance over the use of cameras, foreign technology. There has, and always will be, fear regarding the constant creation of new devices. But thankfully, this outlandish law has been abolished. So get out there and capture that perfect picture of a nutty squirrel for me. 

In Georgia, animals may not be given away to persuade someone to join a game of bingo.

You’ve heard of giving away a goldfish as a carnival prize, but have you ever heard of someone offering one as bribery to enter a game of bingo? Animals are not allowed to be given away as rewards for competitions or a reason to join. However, this is an understandable law for normal animals, but feeder fish should still be allowed as prizes. They’re literally bred to die in a few days. So why not get it a better home than those less than par pet-store watery jails?