Why I hate the cold



photo via Aljazeera

Throughout January in Ohio, snow is a given. While many may adore the dazzling, fluffy white snowflakes, I do not. Here’s why.

1. Winter is dangerous for the average pedestrian

I have always been a very clumsy person, but my chances of falling—and the pain that comes with— triple in the winter. Ice covers every sidewalk; snow, every surface. Not all of us have the capability of staying upright when there is little-to-no traction. Falling in the winter is both expected and undesirable. One moment you’re upright and the next you’re on the ground, with wet clothes and a shooting pain in your back. Who wants that?

2. Winter is extremely dangerous for drivers as well

It’s hard enough to stay upright on ice; imagine controlling a 4,000 lbs vehicle on this same surface. Anything could go wrong, and the consequences increase greatly. When cars are involved, many lives become endangered. In a split second, a car could slide to the opposite side of the highway, destroying the car and risking the passengers’ lives. This could happen at any moment to any person. One patch of ice and you’re possibly done for. No one should have to take this risk.

3. The sun is scarce 

It is scientifically proven that the sun increases positivity and happiness. Unfortunately, the sun is often nowhere to be seen in the winter, making January feel like the longest month of the year by far. It’s no coincidence that people generally seem happier in the summer. Seasonal depression is real, and one more reason I despise winter.

4. Say goodbye to a cute outfit

In the winter, coats are a must. All outfits must be paired with a puffy, oversized coat. When the only options are freezing to death or ruining an outfit with a coat, wearing a coat seems like the lesser of two evils. However, they often put a damper on well-thought-out attire.

5. Bundling up… a burden 

Even coats are sometimes not enough. Layers upon layers are added to every outfit to fight back the cold and they can be extremely annoying. Putting on these layers is a burden in itself and wearing them all day can be irritating and sometimes unbearable. In the U.S. we are lucky enough to have access to heating and cooling in almost every building. While layers may be a necessity while outside, wearing them in heat filled rooms can be miserable. Often, no one wants to take the time or effort to remove these layers, they just suffer and think about the comfort they will experience during their short five minute adventure in the brutal cold.

6. It’s dark outside by 5 P.M. 

When the sun goes down, a wave of exhaustion comes over everyone. However, in the winter, this wave comes around 5 P.M. when dark encompasses the sky. Staying motivated and productive becomes increasingly difficult when in the pitch black. Nothing seems more appealing than climbing into bed and falling asleep.

7. Getting out of bed becomes increasingly difficult 

Not only is staying awake at night difficult, but so is waking up in the morning. Crawling out of a warm bed takes will power many do not possess, especially when a cold room is waiting. Beds have a new sense of comfort in the morning and no one wants to leave them. While getting out of bed is hard at any time of the year, rising in the cold just plain stinks.

8. Lastly, it’s freezing 

Goosebumps covering everyone. Teeth chattering vigorously. Lungs ache from breathing in the cold air. How is this enjoyable…for anyone? Enough said.