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A Symbol of Success: the Letterman

Every high school athlete has the same goal: to make the varsity roster. This coveted position is met with many challenges during the season. Yet, those athletes receive their varsity letter once the awards ceremony commences. As a result, they can purchase their very own letterman jacket. However, over the years, there has been a decrease in the purchasing and wearing of these coats. The big question: Why would someone who worked so hard for a varsity letter choose not to show it off in a letterman jacket?

The puffy jacket originates from the early 20th century when Harvard University introduced the concept of awarding varsity letters to outstanding athletes. These letters were then sewn onto the jackets or sweaters of the accomplished players. The trend caught on, spreading to other institutions and evolving into the personalized letterman jackets we recognize today.

Personally, seeing the oversized leather jacket embroidered with the athlete’s name on it drew me in like a moth to a flame. I set my goal to be on varsity as soon as possible solely to have my letterman. Yet, I soon realized that not everyone shared the same love for the article of clothing that I did.

Varsity swimmer Mya Akers gave her take. “Letterman jackets make you look big and stiff,” she explained. Because of her sport, she has to get her hair wet, which changes things. “People who wear them everywhere forget to wash them, and then we all have to deal with the sweaty smell,” she added, laughing it off.

Another reason students stray from purchasing a letterman is the price. The average cost of the jacket approaches the 350 dollar mark. This can be a tad over budget for many and may not always seem worth the piece of your paycheck.

However, in an interview with varsity soccer player Luke Hancock, he shared an admiration for these jackets similar to mine. “I love letterman jackets because they’re a quick way to spot people involved in different school activities,” he remarked.

Beyond sports, Hoban High School hands out letters for all kinds of achievements. Take senior Kylene Coyle, who snagged hers by acing a foreign language test. “I’ve got a letter, but getting a jacket just for Spanish? I’m not so sure. Maybe I’ll mix it with my other love, golf,” she pondered.

Then there’s senior Austin Lah, who got his letter for being a steel drum maestro. He “wouldn’t mind” demonstrating his accomplishments in the course. “It’s a way to prove our school isn’t just about football; we celebrate all kinds of wins in our student body.”

In the end, whether you drop $350 on a letterman jacket is totally your call. What matters most is being proud of what you have accomplished. That symbolic jacket might not seem like a big deal, but it’s like a wearable trophy; a keepsake that reminds you of your victories long after high school is just a memory.

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