Hoban’s core value of inclusivity misses the mark

Hobans core value of inclusivity misses the mark

Molly Maltempi, Staff-Writer

When entering Hoban as a freshman, I was quickly made aware that it is a sacred tradition to clear your schedule on a Friday night, dress in theme, and head on down to the Hoban football stadium for everyone’s favorite, Friday night lights! After a long week it is such a thrill to cheer in the stands with friends, grab popcorn or a ring pop from the concessions, and watch Hoban win another game to kick off a great weekend. But what I as a Hoban Student never realized, is that this admired event is not easy or even remotely accessible for those individuals who are in wheelchairs. 


Through a brief conversation with one of Hoban’s long time staff members, Amie Mancine, I was made aware that the Hoban Football Stadium is in fact not wheelchair accessible. With Hoban’s huge football program drawing in all different types of crowds, I was left wondering, “how could this be?” When speaking with Mancine about her experience with the lack of ramps at the stadium she expressed, “ [she hasn’t] been able to bring [her] family to a game in 13 years” because she is the mother of a child in a wheelchair and cannot enter the stands. Mancine was given the option to watch the game from the field, but would much rather “sit in the stands with [her] friends” like everyone else. I was inspired by Mancine’s argument, and realized that students, staff, and fans of Hoban football could all benefit from making the stadium wheelchair accessible.


Hoban’s killer football program draws in many players, students, and a great deal of fans. This made me think because the program is so extravagant, why is there not a way for wheelchairs to make it into the stands? All NFL and other large football stadiums are required to have at least 1% of handicap accessible seating. This allows the stadium to welcome a large group of individuals to enjoy the game just the same as other fans! Hoban’s lack of ramps at the stadium not only excludes people in wheelchairs, but also families with strollers and those with canes or walkers, from coming to support and cheer on the team. Hoban’s football games should be enjoyed by everyone no matter their situation.


At a school like Hoban football games are an essential event to feeling like a part of the family atmosphere. Leaving out an entire group of individuals over something they cannot control is not the Hoban we pride ourselves in being. “We are the knights and the knights are one” a chant we proudly scream, but how can we truly be one until everyone is able to yell it with us.