To my soon-to-be senior class:

On Aug. 21 of 2015, we walked under the dome and into Hoban as students for the first time. Many of us have siblings, even parents, who have walked through these hallowed halls and graduated—an accomplishment which will soon be ours. But before we don the cap and gowns, we must take on a new role before we are called alumni—the role of “seniors.”

    Yes, the word that seemed so far-off in 2015, that scared us as sophomores, will soon become a reality come this August. The word carries a deep meaning embedded in its five letter anatomy, a promise of responsibility and protection, not only for those below us, but also for the traditions of Hoban. We’re at the top of the metaphorical food chain now, and it’s time we start acting like it.

    The incoming freshman, still nameless, will be greeted by us on freshman orientation. We will lead them through their first ‘Do It’ chant and ‘H on three’ at their first football game in the student section. Yes, they will be scared of us and yes, many will remain nameless, but their fear stems from a longing to be like us— to have our confidence, our pride and our fearlessness,  built over the course of our high school careers. One day, they will become seniors too, and recall exactly how their first senior class inspired them—shouldn’t we give them something to look up to?

    Next, the sophomores— still fairly new to Hoban, but growing into themselves everyday. Many of them may have looked up to us on freshman-level teams or in theatre productions, constantly wondering when they too will grow out of the freshman phase. This is the beginning of the end for them, and though they do not realize it yet, their time is already ticking away. With one year down that may have seemed like a practice round, it is our duty to remind them to stayed involved, attend as many events as possible and (please) study. I’m sure we all wish we slacked off a little less, and forgot that colleges only look at cumulative GPA’s. Their window of opportunity is wide open still, and we must push them in order for them to become better. We were all at that transition year once— shouldn’t we guide them towards the right path?

    Finally, the juniors. It is said that you are closest with the class adjacent to you; for us, the classes of 2018 and 2020 will always hold a special place. This is the class who will have known us the longest, who truly know who we are and who will probably miss us the most once we leave. We’ve acted alongside them, competed on athletic fields, and maybe even took a class or two together, forming memorable bonds.  We will lead them on Spes Unica next year, sharing our secrets and hearts with them. We will lead them as superfans at sporting events and (hopefully) beat them in the canned food drive and spring powder puff game. Our bond with the juniors is strong already. But this is our last time with them. Soon enough, we will be handing the senior torch off to them, entrusting them with our home, with the sacredness of Hoban. This year, I ask that you put aside any differences you may have with the juniors, and remember— it’s gonna be their turn next, shouldn’t we train them?

    I know we still have a long way to go. Senior year athletics, performances, dances and other activities will gladly await us. But I think we all remember getting lost on our orientation day three years ago. They say time flies when you’re having fun.  Senior year will fly by like every other year did, and once we sport the navy blue cap and gowns, I hope we will reflect on the positive memories we’ve made, and say to ourselves, “My home, my school will be okay.” Our lives will dramatically change in the fall of 2019, and we will not be on the front lines protecting the blue and gold. But for now, we have the power to instill within the incoming freshmen, sophomores and juniors the same love we have, and always will have, for Hoban, inspiring them to become the future Knights this castle deserves.