On the topic of mental health days


Occasionally, everyone needs a break from the stress and responsibilities of daily life. No matter how enjoyable your routine is, it eventually become draining. In order to avoid becoming “burnt-out”, the importance of self care must be stressed.


While the daily grind can be rewarding, in the long run it’s vital to take some time for yourself. Take a mental health day.


According to U.S. News, mental health day “is a vernacular term that helps people take the day off and not have to lie to themselves about feeling physically ill, and not feel guilty about being out and about.” The expression allows people to utilize a day off as a productive use of time, giving them an opportunity to improve the status of their mental health.


Feeling anxious or overwhelmed is not beneficial to both you and the people surrounding you. Being able to take care of others begins with self care. In order to be an effective employee, student, friend or family member, learning to care for yourself is imperative.


Particularly in the lives of students, mental health is often neglected for the sake of grades or homework. Setting aside time to relax is viewed as less important than making sure your teacher likes your English essay. 


With worry over grades reaching a peak and the college application process seemingly endless, many need reminders to care for themselves. 


Take a time out. Take a deep breath. If you feel yourself starting to breakdown, breath. Focus on positivity. Take a mental health day. I try to only take one a year, but it makes a huge difference having one day where I stay in bed and sleep, not worrying or hyper-fixating on other concerns. I block out the noise, and try to focus on myself. 


Meditation, taking a long bath and listening to music are often on my mental health day to-do list. Focusing on yourself allows you to relax, recuperate and become rejuviatened.