Review of Netflix’s “Ginny and Georgia”

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The new Netflix original hit series “Ginny & Georgia” bears a striking resemblance to the classic show “Gilmore Girls.” That is, if the iconic mother-daughter duo touted guns and were prime suspects in a homicide case. 


The show does follow the typical teenage drama with high school love triangles, the mysterious bad boy and questionable weekend decisions—but there’s a twist. 


Main character Georgia, who birthed Ginny at the age of 15, is arguably a psychopath. A natural con artist, Georgia conceals skeletons in the closet with ease and wields her wits and shocking beauty like weapons. 


Beginning by framing Georgia’s younger years, the show details her escape from an abusive home, life on the run and her romance with Ginny’s father, followed by the “unexpected” death of a second (or possibly third?) husband. Following that death, the scene is set as Georgia moves Ginny and her younger brother to a small New England town to start fresh. 


Georgia’s present-day half of the show, intermixed with frequent flashbacks, depicts an intriguing romance with the town mayor, the return of an ex and some shady financial transactions. 


Ginny’s half, on the other hand, delves into friend-group drama, an intense love triangle, and some “Euphoria” inspired territory. 


The two halves meet in the middle to explore a tense mother-daughter relationship in which the tenacity of their unique bond is repeatedly tested. Frequent, yet justifiable, fights take over the screen at times, as Ginny learns shocking secrets that no teenager should have to keep for their own mother. 


As the episodes progress, the bubbly exterior of an ideal teen drama is shed and topics like racial injustice, LGBTQ+ conflict, alcohol abuse and self-harm are explored in depth, with a bit of a murder-mystery thrown into the mix as well. 


The season ends on an infuriating cliffhanger and no definite resolution to any of the various conflicts building throughout the series, making “Ginny and Georgia” a fast-paced, intriguing watch.