Thoughts on Homecoming from Hoban Students: Guys vs. Girls

How would you want to ask or be asked to homecoming?

Girl: It has to be super heartfelt and cute, complete with flowers and a personalized sign. Definitely not in front of a ton of people-the more personal, the better. 7/10 if it involves a pun. 6.5/10 if it’s at school. 10/10 if I cry. Shoot for tears.
Guy: No way in this world would I ask standing with a crowd and staring. Maybe I could text her to ask.

Are flowers completely necessary in a proposal?

Girl: Is that even a question? They’re 100% necessary, preferably sunflowers or roses.
Guy: For sure they are necessary, picking the dandelions out of the grass will be tedious, but I guess it is worth it.

Thoughts during groups pictures?

Girl: Do I look good? Is my hair okay?? What’s he thinking?? My dress is definitely the prettiest. If these pictures aren’t cute, did I even go to homecoming? Jeez, these shoes kill.
Guy: Wait, that kid must be in my fourth period class, or does he even go to our school? Who are these people?

Who should pay for tickets/dinner?

Girl: A real gentleman would pay, but whatever. It’s fine.
Guy: I mean I think separate checks all around are perfectly fine, if it really comes to it though I think I’d be okay with her paying for it all.

How long does it take you to get ready?

Girl: The whole day. Wake up at 9, nails at 10, shower at 11 —break for food—hair and makeup 1 to 4, then picture time!
Guy: Three minutes. Exactly. Actually give me about three minutes and thirty seconds just in case I mess up my tie once.

​Types of shoes to wear?

Girl: 4 and ½ inches at LEAST. But obviously leave them in Alumni as soon as we walk in.
Guy: I have the perfect shoes, Air Jordans, black and white. Beautiful.

Is it necessary to match?

Girl: How else would people know we’re going together?? It has to be the exact shade too or he has to change.
Guy: How do I match? Would like navy blue go with my black and neon green outfit?

Thoughts while slow dancing?

Girl: Wow he’s so cute. Why isn’t he looking at me? Do I look gross? Wow, he’s so tall. Tonight was so perfect. Even though he’s a terrible dancer. Wait my feet hurt.
Guy: Wow these lights are really shining in my eyes right now. Shoot where should I look I’m not gonna stare at her.

Plans for after the dance?

Girl: Definitely a party together, why would we want the night to end??
Guy: I was thinking I could go to Burger King, then go home and play some video games. Alone.

Final thoughts on Homecoming?

Girl: Could make or break my high school career. Literally, one of the biggest nights of my life.
Guy: I hope I looked good enough… who’s kidding no one saw me in the dark.