Tim Tyrrell Explains the Ridley Brother’s Dynamic Relationship

As the Jan. 8 slugfest ended in the most memorable College Football Playoff (CFP) national championship game to date, Archbishop Hoban High was closer to the national championship than most realized.

Why?  Two names.  

Calvin Ridley, University of Alabama junior wide-receiver, of Coconut Creek, Florida, and his brother, Cavin ‘Riley’ Ridley of the University of Georgia, both have connections to Hoban.  Not only will Riley have to hear about the blown double-digit lead from his brother, but also from his former high school coach, Hoban’s own Tim Tyrrell.  Tyrrell, whose previous job was at the helm of Chaminade-Madonna High School, coached both brothers in his five-year tenure in Florida.

Before the national championship, Riley, a 6’2” 201-pound receiver, was not widely known.  That changed quickly when Riley posted six receptions, each over 10 yards per catch, in a clutch performance from the sophomore Bulldog that shocked spectators nationwide.  

Hoban football coach Tim Tyrrell, though, expected nothing less from his former flanker.

“Yeah, I coached both of the brothers at Chaminade-Madonna down in Florida,” Tyrrell said. “I knew early they were special talents.”

The Ridley’s dinner table may never be the same again, though.

Calvin’s colossal college career ended in a 26-23 thrilling overtime victory against his brother.  His last college memory before declaring for the NFL draft put a lid on a college career highlighted with 2,781 receiving yards, 19 touchdowns, and two national championships—all without an elite college quarterback tossing the ball his way.

“Calvin will be a top pick in the draft and start to remind you of an Amari Cooper type player with the smart and unbelievable routes,” Tyrrell said.

“With many of the higher picks being established teams he will be able to contribute to a good organization right away.”  

While blood connects the two brothers, championship week brought out a divide in the family. Neither Calvin or Riley spoke to each other the entire week leading up the the biggest game of each of their careers.

“I’ll talk to him after the game,” Riley said via 247sports.com, “this is a business week.”

The duo had over 30% of both teams’ receptions, 114 yards and a commanding touchdown from Calvin that tied the game in the late minutes.  

Riley will now enter his junior season, with the national championship becoming his springboard to stardom on the field in Athens, Georgia.

“Cavin having a huge game will most likely bring him in as the number one receiver next season, and being a thicker, faster version of his brother the sky is the limit,” Tyrrell said, noting that neither brother would admit a weakness as they remain ultra competitive.

 Riley’s junior season will see him step completely out of Calvin’s shadow, and eventually, the NFL will be able to see plenty of Ridley vs. Ridley rematches in the future. Do not let the brotherhood fool you, there is no love lost in competition between these two siblings.

“At 5:00 A.M. every two-a-day I would drive them both to practice, while Calvin in the front and Cavin in the back,” Tyrrell said. “They fought each other over everything to the point where I had to pull over on the highway once.”

The Ridley’s still have mountains to climb as the brothers pursue their NFL dreams, and viewers are excited to see how it plays out.