Confidence in fashion resurrected the orange polo

Throughout my two years at Hoban, I have learned many vital lessons. However, the most crucial of these I received before I even set foot on campus. What was this lesson?

Never wear an orange polo.

Hoban polos come in practically any color imaginable, all of which are acceptable under the dress code. However, a few unspoken social guidelines prohibit students from wearing some of the more outrageous colors such as orange. Or so I thought.

Two years ago, no one dared wear an orange polo. No one wanted to. They were considered unacceptable because of their universally despised color. These polos aren’t just orange: they’re the fashion equivalent of Charlie Brown’s Great Pumpkin. They’re bright, unflattering and the worst kind of flashy.

I’ve started seeing orange polos everywhere in Hoban’s hallways. This used to never happen. As a freshman, I could count on one hand the amount orange polos I saw in a week.

But, for some inexplicable reason, they’re making a comeback.

Some students, like junior Kylie Doezal, really like the orange polos.

“I think they’re actually really cute” Doezal said. “I wish I had one.”

Orange has always been a very controversial color. Some students love these polos, while others do not. Freshman Sofia Decola is of the latter demographic.

“To be honest, I don’t really like them,” Decola said. “They make the people who wear them stand out and almost feel awkward.”

One thing is for certain: orange polos make their wearers pop. That being said, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

In our day and age, standing out is desirable. No one wants to be considered basic, so they flock to the opposite end of the spectrum and strive to shock.

This new era has brought up many new fashion trends. With fashion icons everywhere sporting their craziest outfits and encouraging uninhibited confidence, people are no longer afraid to wear whatever they want. People are no longer afraid to wear baggy clothes, or bright attire…or orange polos.

Inspiration came from burgeoning fashion icons, and with it a surge of confidence arrived. It only takes a few to start a fashion trend, so it only took a few brave students to bring back orange polos. Once enough people were wearing them, others changed their minds. They noticed the rising fashion statement and wanted to hop on the bandwagon.

But will this trend continue with the other never-worn polos? Students never wear hues like purple and teal. Will they start?

A main reason people don’t wear those colors is that they don’t own them. Students would have to buy new polos if they wanted to start this trend, and they probably won’t. For now, it looks like trendsetting within the dress code at Hoban will begin and end with the orange polo.

Now, don’t get me wrong: many people still refuse to wear them, but that number has sizably shrunk. Orange polos are making a comeback.

Orange polos didn’t suddenly become stylish: confidence did, and from that a trend blossomed.