“High School Musical: The Musical: The Series”: Not the joke everyone was expecting


photo via Disney+

The iconic hit Disney movie “High School Musical” came out in early 2006. 14 years have passed and its relevance has not wavered. 


After great success, the first movie was soon followed by two more films following the Wildcats of East High. The first focused on Troy Bolton’s, a basketball star, newfound love for music. “High School Musical 2” showcased the Wildcat’s summer fun, and the third was all about this notorious class’s senior year. 


Rumors about a fourth have been circuling since the third movie was released in 2008. Despite the hopes and dreams of fans all over the country, these rumors were always killed. Troy and his clan graduated. There was no story left. A sad truth many reluctantly faced. 


However, in early 2019, fans’ dreams came back to life. Even more rumors started forming. A new “High School Musical” was on its way. These rumors were then confirmed true by Disney when they announced their newest work in the making, “High School Musical: The Series.” Although everyone was expecting a movie over a series, fans were still ecstatic. Until… Disney released the cast. 


Wait… “High School Musical: The Series” does not feature the original cast? All of a sudden everyone lost interest in the new show. Fans were disappointed, heartbroken. No one cared anymore. 


As November approached, no one thought twice about the upcoming series. People looked past it as a failed attempt to bring alive the Wildcat spirit. Everyone expected a mere joke. 


On Nov. 12, 2019, the platform Disney Plus came out to the public. Either using their free account through Verizon or munching off a friend (seriously who’s actually paying for Disney Plus?), thousands of people logged in to this whole new world of magic. Immediately, ads for “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” popped up. Being one of only two Disney Plus’ proud originals, it was showcased well. 


Many people decided to watch it, mainly because they had nothing better to do. They were expecting a fail from this attempt at a reboot. However, this is not what they got. 


“High School Musical: The Musical: The Series,” features Olivia Rodrigo, Joshua Bassett and many other members of the new generation of Disney stars. It is set in East High School but this time in reality. The students of the school are regular teenagers who just happen to go to the school “High School Musical” was filmed at many years prior. When a new drama teacher, played by Kate Reinders, comes to the school, she decides the students of East High should put on their own “High School Musical” musical, in the place where all the magic happened a decade before.  The show follows the students from auditions to opening day. They navigate relationships, friendships and enemies all on the path to finding themselves in the theater. Truly a genius show. 


Although everyone was expecting very little, fans are loving the new series. They wait anxiously every Friday for a new episode to be released on Disney Plus. In the week span between episodes they rewatch old ones to fill the void. People indulged in the series anticipating a joke and they have left with an addiction. Each episode ends in a cliffhanger making the wait even more horrific. What will we do now that the show is over? 


Don’t worry, season two is coming soon.