Streaming services have gone too far

Streaming services have gone too far

Cassidy Wren

It’s no secret that streaming services have taken over the TV watching world. At first, these up and coming platforms were convenient and a cheaper alternative to cable, but soon, new apps were developed and then competed with the existing ones creating a frenzy throughout the nation.


In the beginning, it was Netflix that ruled the streaming scene, but then Hulu arose along with HBO Max and Disney+. Next, there was Starz, Peacock, and Paramount+, but with so many platforms floating around, there is no solid way to decide which to invest in. They each rush to pick up shows if they see any potential profit, resulting in all of your favorite shows being spread out across six different apps that each have increasingly expensive monthly fees. 


The once cheap alternative has become a costly hassle. Not only is every show assigned to just one or two platforms, but sometimes they are even split up by seasons. In my case, I found Criminal Minds on Netflix and fell in love. I managed to watch all twelve seasons in only a few months. Unfortunately for me, after the final episode of the twelfth season, the show didn’t seem quite over. I did some research and found, to my horror, that seasons thirteen through fifteen could only be found on Hulu, a platform that I didn’t have. I was devastated, thinking I would never get to see the end of my favorite show. Luckily, my mom was kind enough to get us a subscription to Hulu and I was finally able to finish the series. 


Criminal Minds finished airing in 2019 and by 2021, I was fully caught up. As a self-proclaimed superfan, I was quite invested in the social media of the cast members. I soon began to see small hints at a spinoff series including the original cast, and I was ecstatic. My theory was confirmed when the producers finally announced that filming was in progress. Criminal Minds fans everywhere were overjoyed to see our favorite show coming back with new content, so we wouldn’t have to solely watch reruns of old episodes. When the release date was announced, my excitement was shattered as I found out that the new series would only be streaming on Paramount+, a service that I don’t hold a subscription to. My heart was broken and I am currently behind on the series that I so patiently awaited.


I feel that everyone would be happier if we cut down the number of platforms by combining them. This way, we’d have fewer subscriptions to pay and more entertainment on each service. Streaming life would be simpler and better.


My story is a plea to the streaming world, please organize these platforms so fans like me can watch the shows we love in peace. The expenses of having to subscribe to a new app every time a show comes out are adding up and I don’t know that my heart can handle missing another episode. I have faith that others feel the same way I do and I want all of those people to know that you are heard and not alone. Let’s come together to get our movies and shows back from the thieves that stole them.