Cookies should be the standard Christmas breakfast

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I realize that many will strongly object to the concept of a dessert-filled breakfast. 

I would also hope that you realize I simply don’t care. Cookies are a gift from heaven, a beacon of hope, so why should they not be featured on our tables when Christmas morning comes?

For all of you who still aren’t completely convinced, here are a few reasons why cookies should be the centerpiece of your breakfast feast.

1. Cookies are the diamonds of dessert

Look. It’s a cookie. What more is there to say? The soft and chewy delight fills the heart of every person with joy. Cookies are unique and special. They come in different sizes, different forms, some with sprinkles, some with chocolate, some with nuts, some without, the possibilities are endless. You can’t go wrong with a cookie to start your day. Maybe if you’re lucky, you can sneak some ice cream in as well, but milk is probably the safer option.

2. It’s a once-a-year occasion

How often do you have an excuse to eat cookies for breakfast? Starting off the new year with cookies would be strange; in fact, any other day would forbid a cookie-centered breakfast. But Christmas provides the perfect opportunity for your first meal of the day to be filled with the unusual yet creative joy found in cookies.

3. It won’t be too unusual this year

A lot has happened in 2020. Personally, I don’t think eating cookies for your Christmas breakfast is going to make this year any stranger. In fact, it matches the mood perfectly. When someone walks up to you and asks why you chose to eat cookies for breakfast on Christmas, all you have to do is say: it’s 2020. Why the heck not?

4. Santa doesn’t need any more cookies

Let’s be honest here: how many cookies does that man need? Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate Santa’s admiration of these baked joys. But he’s received cookies from every household around the world for the past few hundred years. We need to start looking out for his health if he’s going to be delivering presents every year in the future. He can do without the cookies. Please, just save them for breakfast.

5. It’s bound to make the mood more playful and fun

As long as you don’t eat too many, cookies for breakfast can be fun and enjoyable. Your family will be laughing as they take a bite into the heavenly baked goods, and the warmth of the cookies will make your morning that much sweeter and perfect.

Hopefully now you understand why cookies should absolutely be the standard Christmas breakfast item. After all, what better way is there to start the day than with a cookie and a glass of milk?