Girls Lacrosse: Chemistry vs adversity


Any athlete, former or current, can attest that multiple aspects factor into a season’s success. Player attendance, weight room liftings and the amount of practice time are key physical components of success, while determination and the natural drive to win operate the mental side of the ball. One ingredient, however, has the power to set elite teams apart from the rest— team chemistry.

This critical element not only enhances play on the field or court, but has the ability to lift team morale during periods of adversity. This element creates lifelong friendships, as teams with solid chemistry quickly become family. And this element, so crucial to any game, is the main focus of the 2019 Hoban girls lacrosse team.

“I want to see us girls working better together as a team,” senior midfielder Audrey Scanlon said. “Last year, we had so much talent, just not the right chemistry to be as successful as we could’ve been. We will never say anything to put another team member down—we understand what each girl brings to the team, and we work hard to maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses of our team. Our whole team is friends on and off the field.”

Scanlon, a three-year varsity star, has experienced four teams in her time as a lady knight, all with different chemistries. Scanlon, senior captains Katie Bozzelli and Katie Stobb and seven other seniors all plan to make team bonding on and off the field a priority in hopes of improving their previous record of 5-12-2.

“We’re definitely still navigating as we head into our first game, but I think it will really be a positive season for us,” Bozzelli said. “Since there are ten seniors and many other juniors, we pretty much all have a couple years of experience and we’ve been meshing well at practice together. We all want to focus on keeping positive attitudes this year, and we also want to make sure we’re all equally contributing and working to improve our skills.”

Bozzelli and Stobb, both three-year starters, have overseen the team’s offseason success, promoting weekly liftings since September, in addition to the summer camps and open gyms that fine-tuned skill sets.

“Katie and I both have tried to keep the energy up during practices and talk to everybody about what they want to work on this year,” Bozzelli continued. “We graduated a lot of seniors last year, and we have a whole new team this year so it’s been fun getting to know everybody and learn their strengths and weaknesses.”

Not only have the team’s captains promoted growth, but both Scanlon and Bozzelli believe that much of their motivation stems from the coaching staff. Comprised of head coach Ben Wehmann and assistants Rob Spontarelli, David Stieber and Maria Zaynor, the staff has repeatedly displayed their dedication towards making this season a success.

“Our coaches are so supportive. They are always keeping our heads up, no matter the outcome of the game,” Scanlon said. “They aren’t focused on wins or losses, but on the effort and attitude we put forth. They all guide, inspire and empower our team to achieve our full potential. They make sure to get to know their athletes individually and sets goals for each player accordingly.”

With a tough schedule ahead, the team needs all the support from their coaches, captains and, most importantly, themselves. Chemistry will prove vital as they embark on the season, and a strong sisterhood will be needed in order achieve their goal of winning as a team, not singularly.

“As being a part of the program for four years, I have seen all the teams before me and their different chemistries,” Scanlon concluded. “From being an underclassman to being a leader on the team, I have learned the expectations for competing on a varsity level. This year, I think our team has so much potential to having one of the best seasons g-lax has had in a long time.”